Session Preview: Cyber security essentials for physical security & business managers: key questions to ask

Cyber-attacks happen to the best. Organisations no longer just ‘throw the cyber challenge over the wall’, so the IT and/or IT Security department can deal with it. Physical Security professionals need to understand how they can optimally contribute, particularly in context of physically protecting on-premises IT equipment, and in relation to IoT devices. Other business managers must be able to assist in assessing cyber risk in terms of reputational, financial and operational impacts.

In this session, Rinske Geerlings of Business As Usual and Prof. Sicco Santema of Delft University of Technology will be demystifying aspects such as:
• the discrepancy between Cyber and Information Security
• why Cloud is not the ‘be all and end all’
• the changing nature of Cyber Insurance
• how to handle bedazzling Cyber ‘lingo’ including ISO 27001

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