Session preview: Complications of Corporate Evacuations

By Shaun Boulter
Global Head Operations & Security – Corporate Mobility
AXA Partners UK

Have you or your staff ever worked overseas on assignment or do you have staff away on business trips? If so have you ever considered what happens if there is a major crisis, what happens to those affected persons and if you need to move them who, how and where do you move them? Also as a manager or company executive you may be their person who makes that BIG decision to either stay put or in most cases as a last resort to evacuate and leave the location where you have operations. Time is a huge factor in this decision-making and often with evacuations, that window of opportunity is small and closing with every second which in turns places more pressures upon the decision makers. All of these factors are huge in terms of questions, answers, means, know-how and also decision making.

We will look in detail at the complicating factors that either aid or in most cases block decision making or existing pre-emptive plans working as they were meant to. We will look at the options on offer and what those options can do to aid you and the safety of your people. Also a major point not to be forgotten we will look at the impact to you as an entity having to curtail or close your operation and also the impact on local staff if any.

I will hope to pass our knowledge to you from real life cases with what has worked and in some cases not worked over the years as we have supported many clients and corporations with evacuation decision making and also physical assistance to evacuate staff and families to safety.

Shaun Boulter’s session takes place on Thursday 23 March at 12.10. To join this session, register for your leadership pass

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