Security Leaders Networking Dinner at the Palais Ferstel

The Security Leaders Networking Dinner , powered by Nedap, stands as the prime networking event for ASIS Europe 2024. This exclusive gathering is set to unfold on the 21st of March at the exquisite Palais Ferstel, a distinguished offsite venue nestled in the historical core of Vienna.

Designed by Baron Heinrich von Ferstel, who drew inspiration from his travels to Italy, the palace was initially constructed in 1860 to house the Austrian National Bank and stock exchange. Later, from 1878 onward, it served as the headquarters for the Austro-Hungarian Bank.

The Palais Ferstel, showcasing a unique blend of Venetian, Florentine, and Trecento architecture, continues to captivate guests at meetings and events. Its stunning rooms, resplendent chandeliers, and an impressive colonnaded courtyard evoke the ambiance of an Italian Palazzo, situated in the heart of Vienna’s historic first district.

Adding to its charm, the Palais is also home to Café Central, a world-renowned coffee house that served as the favoured meeting spot for a group of poets, philosophers, and revolutionaries known as the “Centralists.” Regular patrons included prominent figures such as Theodor Herzl, Adolf Loos, Leon Trotski, Sigmund Freud, and their contemporaries—both famous and infamous.


The evening promises a delightful 3-course walking dinner. To conclude the meal, guests will savor pastries from Café Central.

Participation in the Security Leaders Networking Dinner requires registration for a Leadership All-access Pass.


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