SecAlliance delivers cyber threat intelligence services to banks, central banks, financial market infrastructures, governmental and EU agencies, international organisations, and critical national infrastructure operators (telco, power grid, transport). We help these organisations and their ecosystems to strengthen their cyber resilience and make the right decisions.


SecAlliance makes threat intelligence more human. We help organisations and ecosystems to strengthen their resilience and make the right decisions, based on a deep understanding of their needs, the threats they face, and the regulatory environments they operate in.


We serve our clients at national, European and global level in two ways. First, we create awareness by delivering threat intelligence assessments, training and advisory of the highest quality, tailored to the changing needs of the clients and their communities we serve. Second, we facilitate collaboration by supporting the establishment and operation of threat intelligence sharing communities.


SecAlliance is a Bank of England and FCA certified CBEST provider, a Cabinet Office GBEST provider, and CREST Accedited for STAR and STAR-FS under the Bank of England scheme. We have more CREST accredited Intelligence analysts than any other provider globally.

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