Responsible Exhibit

While events are essential to the development and strive of an industry, their impact on the environment can also be negative. Here are a few recommendations exhibitors can implement to help reduce the event environmental footprint. Help us make the event more sustainable. Every little action helps!


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Earn the new label and shine!

Exhibitors who follow at least the first two of our recommendations :

using sustainable booth graphics solutions

 avoiding all single-use plastic at the show (see below)

can apply and earn this new label that will appear on the mobile app exhibitor entry and with a A4 sign ASIS will provide for your booth.

Shine with it at your booth and exhibitor listing! Send your application today to [email protected].

Recommendations for a more Responsible Exhibit

  • Use sustainable booth graphics solutions provided by EECS (
    • Graphics: instead of plastic foil, choose the recycled reusable textile on a frame solution. If you tdon’t take it with you after the event, EECS will give it to a company for upcycling to bags.
    • Furniture: choose wooden furniture items that are more sustainable than PVC, aluminium or other non recyclable furniture materials.
  • Avoid all single-use plastic.
    • Do not provide plastic bottled water/drinks, use a water cooler and reusable bottles or glasses. ASIS will provide water coolers / water jugs all around the exhibition.
    • Avoid any unnecessary plastic wrapping for booth items
    • Think recycled or sustainable materials when ordering give-aways (e.g. seed paper leaflets, recycled plastic or metallic bottles, etc)
  • Avoid or reduce paper.
    We recommend using as little as possible brochure material. If you still want to use brochure materials, we advise you to choose materials that are less harmful to the environment. Use recycled paper and cardboard or ensure paper or cardboard is certified with FSC or PEFC.
  • Consider the give-away approach to offer sustainable/eco-friendly gifts and giveaways at your booth (no active distribution to general public)
  • Use LED lights and energy-efficient equipment at your booth. And switch off all lights and equipment at the end of the show day.
  • Separate the waste generated at your booth by using the waste sorting at the congress centre.
  • Use public transport or walk to the event.
    o The recommended hotels are walking distance from the venue, see suggestions here
    o The venue is right on the U2 line that goes directly to the city centre
    o ASIS will provide a link where you can buy your public transport pass at a reduced rate.
    o Please check out alternative transportation in Vienna here:

  • Compensate the carbon emissions from your stay and travel to the show through a carbon offset programme – see solutions offered by ASIS Europe 2024 offset partner MyClimate: Some hotels are also proposing offset programmes to their guests – just ask them.

Are you doing anything else – let us know! Write to the ASIS Europe Team: [email protected]


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