Registration Options



For established and aspiring leaders in need of the most complete learning experience, including keynotes, all sessions across all tracks, conference training, and show pass


Fees available shortly



For team members and managers seeking well-defined learning outcomes – includes plenary session, lunch ticket and show pass


Fees available shortly



For those interested in dialogue with leading innovators and advisors, the Innovation Track, or seeking advice in the career centre


Free – details available shortly



Welcome Party – Powered by NEDAP

  • Ticket Included in the Leadership and Professional Passes
  • Ticket available for purchase for Show Pass holders : 25 EUR + VAT

President’s Reception

  • Ticket Included in the All Access Leadership Pass
  • Ticket available for purchase for other Leadership Pass and Professional Pass holders : 95 EUR + VAT


NEW! Conference sessions recordings (Leadership 1 and 2, Professional and Innovation Track) available after the event as an upgrade option at 150 EUR +VAT for ASIS member and 200 EUR +VAT for nonmember. Click here for all details about this pass.


ASIS Member: 160 EUR +VAT

Nonmember: 295 EUR +VAT


ASIS Member: 265 EUR +VAT

Nonmember: 495 EUR +VAT

The Professional Pass includes the plenary sessions and the business lunch of the selected day(s).


NEW! Conference sessions recordings available after the event as an upgrade option (Leadership 1 and 2, Professional and Innovation Tracks) at 250 EUR +VAT for ASIS member, 300 EUR +VAT for nonmember. For student members registered with a show pass these recordings are free of charge. Click here for more details about this pass.


ASIS Member: Free of charge

Nonmember: Free of charge


ASIS Member: Free of charge

Nonmember: 42 EUR +VAT



  • Payment & VAT

In accordance with Czech law, 21% VAT on fees for events held in Czech Republic must be charged to all participants originating from in and outside of the EU, except the holders of a valid Czech VAT number. Delegates from VAT registered entities will be able to recover the paid VAT through their own tax declaration.

Payments can be made by bank transfer or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX). Credit card payments are processed using the PCI compliant payment platform Stripe. Checks will not be accepted. All delegates are advised to arrange for full payment prior to the event to avoid any delays in collecting their badges and on-site material. No badges and materials will be issued to delegates with an outstanding payment.


  • Registration Confirmation for Leadership and Professional Pass

Registration is confirmed upon receipt of the full registration fee payment (if applicable). No registrant will be entitled to enter the event if full payment is not received. Registrants whose payment was not received by Wednesday 24 February 2021 will be required to pay by credit card onsite in order to access the event.

If the attendee’s ASIS membership is not valid at the time of the event, ASIS International reserves the right to change the member registration to the nonmember rate based on the date of original registration. The attendee will be required to pay the remaining balance prior to the event.


  • Cancellation

For cancellations of registered attendees received 6 weeks prior to the event, the registration fee will be refunded (deducting an 80 EUR administrative charge). No refund will be made for any cancellation received after that date. Ticketed functions are non-refundable. ASIS International will review special requests for refunds after ASIS Europe 2021 and no later than 1 July 2021. ASIS International retains the right to determine what constitutes an emergency situation, if additional supporting documentation is required, and if a refund will be given, and ASIS International’s decision will be final. ASIS International will not refund due to travel carrier cancellations, visa refusals or other unforeseen incidents beyond the attendee’s control. All attendees are urged to purchase personal travel insurance.


  • Substitutions

A paid registrant for the Leadership Pass or the Professional Pass can be replaced by a colleague provided that the organisers receive all information by email by 15 May 2021. This substitution will not incur any cost, except if the person replacing and ASIS member is not a member. After 15 May, changes will not be permitted. Show Passes are not transferable.


  • Travel and Transportation

All participants are responsible for arranging their own travel, accommodation, and transportation. Please note that citizens of some countries are required to obtain visa prior to arrival. Please consult with a nearby Czech consulate or embassy. ASIS International is not responsible for any travel, accommodation, transportation, or visa matters for attendees. ASIS International will provide a list of suggested hotels. Attendees are responsible for their reservation.



Selected sessions will be recorded depending on technical feasibility and consent of the speaker. Not all sessions will be recorded. Recordings will be available approximately 2 months after the event. The recordings can be streamed on the ASIS website and will not be available for download. All-Access Pass holders and attendees who purchased the recording package will receive an email with access instructions.



  • ASIS International Code of Conduct

All attendees of the event must abide by the ASIS International Code of Conduct – see here.


  • Access to the Event

Attendees may be required to show a photo ID at the registration desk in order to receive their badge access.


  • Suitcasing Policy

Exhibiting, promotion, or solicitation of products and services is allowed from designated exhibit booths only. Solicitation, distribution, advertising, displaying, or promotion of any products or other materials or media outside of an exhibitors’ designated booth (“suitcasing”) is strictly prohibited. ASIS International retains, at its sole discretion, the right to cancel this attendee registration and to remove or require the removal of any attendee whose networking or sales conduct is determined to be “suitcasing”. If such action is necessary, there will be no refund of fees paid to the attendee, nor will ASIS International be liable for any damages including but not limited to any direct, incidental, or consequential damages arising from or related to the attendee’s action or removal from ASIS Europe 2021.


The organiser reserves the right to exclude attendees who do not abide by these requirements.



  • Event Programme Change

For organisational reasons, and/or reasons beyond the control of ASIS, ASIS reserves the right to alter the timing and content of the programme without prior notice at any time before or during the event.


  • Event Cancellation, Insurance, and Liability

In the case of government intervention or regulation, military activity, strikes, or any other circumstances that make it impossible or inadvisable for ASIS Europe 2021 to take place at the time and place provided, the attendee shall waive any claim for damages or compensation except the amount paid for registration after deduction of actual overhead expenses incurred in connection with ASIS Europe 2021 (comprised of the venue and service providers non-refundable deposits, etc.) and there shall be no future or derived/indirect liability on the part of either or any party. All attendees take part in the event at their own risk and are encouraged to obtain adequate coverage for travel, health, and accidental insurance before they depart from their countries. The organisers, their suppliers, or agents accepts no liability for any personal injuries, or loss of, or damage to, private property belonging to ASIS Europe 2021 attendees.




  • Data collection

Registration data is collected through the online system of an event registration software company (EventsAir). EventsAir servers are located in the USA. ASIS International and EventsAir have signed a data security and privacy agreement. Event registration data will be processed by the event organiser, ASIS International Brussels Bureau (managed by ASIS’ contracted service provider Exempla Management & Consulting SPRL) and stored in the ASIS International database in the USA. Click here to access the privacy policy of ASIS International.

The event is a public space where photos and videos are taken regularly where attendees may appear. These can be used by ASIS International for promotional and educational purposes after the event.


  • Use of Data

Data related to attendance will be used by ASIS International only, for the sole purposes of the event organisation and statistics. If participants agree to have their badge scanned by exhibitors at their booth, they will have access to the contact information provided in your registration form. Other than described above, ASIS international will not share your contact details or other data. ASIS International does not sell contact information of its event attendees to any third parties.


  • Visibility and list of participants

Attendees will be asked to tick whether they want to appear on the list of participants – please note that if selecting “yes”, name, company, job title and country will be displayed on the list of participants appearing on the event mobile app. Attendees will be able to modify their app appearance settings at their leisure.

Organisations sending participants to the event may be referenced as attending by ASIS International in communications and promotional messages about the event (no personal information stated).

Attendee badges will show name, company, and country. They will be scanned at the entrance of the event, sessions, and functions. Attendees might be asked to scan the badge at exhibit booths. Scanning the badge at an exhibitor booth or using the “Contact Exchange” feature of the mobile app implies that the attendee agrees that the exhibitor receives the attendee’s contact information.


NEW! Leadership Pass All Access now includes access to session recordings after the event. Click here for more details about this pass.

  • ADVANCE (13 Dec 2019 to 13 Feb 2020)

    • ASIS Member: 845 EUR +VAT
    • Nonmember + ASIS Membership**: 1,045 EUR +VAT
    • Nonmember: 1,075 EUR +VAT

  • STANDARD (14 Feb to 1 Apr 2020)

    • ASIS Member: 945 EUR +VAT
    • Nonmember + ASIS Membership**: 1,145 EUR +VAT
    • Nonmember: 1,175 EUR +VAT


    • ASIS Member: 895 EUR +VAT
    • Nonmember + ASIS Membership**: 1,125 EUR +VAT
    • Nonmember: 1,125 EUR +VAT

  • EARLY (until 12 Dec 2019)

    • ASIS Member: 745 EUR +VAT
    • Nonmember + ASIS Membership**: 945 EUR +VAT
    • Nonmember: 975 EUR +VAT

**Special offer for nonmembers: includes ASIS membership until 31 December 2020.


Group rates are available for groups from 3 delegates registering from the same company: -15% for 3 or 4 delegates and -25% for 5 or more delegates. You can find more information below.

(without President’s Reception)

NEW! Leadership Pass (without President’s Reception) now includes access to session recordings after the event. Click here for more details about this pass.

  • EARLY (until 12 Dec 2019)

    • ASIS Member: 650 EUR +VAT
    • Nonmember + ASIS Membership**: 850 EUR +VAT
    • Nonmember: 880 EUR +VAT

  • ADVANCE (13 Dec 2019 to 13 Feb 2020)

    • ASIS Member: 750 EUR +VAT
    • Nonmember + ASIS Membership**: 950 EUR +VAT
    • Nonmember: 980 EUR +VAT

  • STANDARD (14 Feb to 1 Apr 2020)

    • ASIS Member: 850 EUR +VAT
    • Nonmember + ASIS Membership**: 1,050 EUR +VAT
    • Nonmember: 1,080 EUR +VAT

(without President’s Reception)

NEW! Conference sessions recordings (Leadership 1 and 2, Professional and Innovation Tracks) available after the event as an upgrade option at 150 EUR +VAT for ASIS member, 200 EUR +VAT for nonmember. Click here for more details about this pass.

  • ADVANCE (until 13 Feb 2020)

    • One day ASIS Member: 420 EUR +VAT
    • One day Nonmember: 525 EUR +VAT

  • REGULAR (from 14 Feb 2020)

    • One day ASIS Member: 495 EUR +VAT
    • One day Nonmember: 600 EUR +VAT


Group rates are available for groups from 3 delegates registering from the same company: -15% for 3 or 4 delegates and -25% for 5 or more delegates.


Groups benefit from a single point of contact, an easier registration process and a single invoicing. Onsite a special registration desk is dedicated to groups for fast access to the event.


Please contact the ASIS Europe 2021 registration department at for more information and registration.