Registration Options

For any last minute registrations, please contact [email protected].

Paying and free options are available – below you can find more details.

  • Leadership Pass excl. Offsite Dinner - STANDARD rate

    • ASIS Member: 900EUR excl. VAT
    • Non-member + ASIS Membership*: 1,020EUR excl. VAT
    • Non-member: 1,080 EUR excl. VAT

  • EARLY (until end of April)

    • ASIS Member: 720 EUR excl. VAT
    • Non-member + ASIS Membership*: 920 EUR excl. VAT
    • Non-member:  980 EUR excl. VAT

Group Discount

15% discount

for teams of 5+

Asset 1

Groups of 5 and more delegates can profit from a 15% discount. One group invoice will be issued. Please contact [email protected]

*Special offer for non-members: includes ASIS membership until 31 December 2022.

  • Leadership Pass One Day - STANDARD rate

    • ASIS Member: 505 excl. VAT
    • Non-member: 605 EUR excl. VAT

  • EARLY (until end of April)

    • ASIS Member: 450 EUR excl. VAT
    • Non-member:  505 EUR excl. VAT


Access to the online event days on 28 April and 12 May 2022.

CPEs: 4

    • Free for members
    • Non-member:  225 EUR excl. VAT


    • Free for members until 21 May 2022
    • Non-member / member onsite:  50 EUR excl. VAT



Groups of 5 and more delegates can profit from a 15% discount. This offer is only available for Leadership All Access and Leadership excl. Offsite Reception Passes.



  • Registrants with Credit Entitlement

Registrants who still have a credit from 2020 which they can use for 2022 are invited to contact [email protected] to register. The registration terms and conditions here-under will also apply.

  • Registration Confirmation

Registration is confirmed upon receipt of the full registration fee payment (if applicable). No registrant will be entitled to access the event if full payment is not received. Registrants whose payment was not received by 2 weeks before the Event will be required to pay by credit card in order to access the event.

If the attendee’s ASIS membership is not valid at the time of the first event day of participation, ASIS International reserves the right to change the member registration to the nonmember rate based on the date of original registration. The attendee will be required to pay the remaining balance prior to the event.

  • Cancellation by Delegate

ONSITE Pass (22 May – 24 May)

A refund of the onsite ticket fee will be granted for cancellation received by Saturday 30 April 2022 (3 weeks prior to onsite event), minus a 75 EUR administrative fee.

ASIS International will review special requests for refunds after ASIS Europe 2022 and no later than 1 July 2022. ASIS International retains the right to determine what constitutes an emergency situation, if additional supporting documentation is required, and if a refund will be given, and ASIS International’s decision will be final. ASIS International will not refund due to travel carrier cancellations, visa refusals or other unforeseen incidents beyond the attendee’s control. All attendees are urged to purchase personal travel insurance.


No refund will be made for online passes. Recordings will be available in the event platform within the week following the respective event day and until 30 July 2022.

  • Substitutions

A paid registrant for the onsite event can be replaced by a colleague provided that the organisers receive all information by email by 15 May 2022. This substitution will not incur any cost, except if the person replacing an ASIS member is not a member. Online Passes are not transferable.

  • Payment & VAT


In accordance with Czech law, 21% VAT on fees for events held in Czech Republic must be charged to all participants originating from in and outside of the EU, except the holders of a valid Czech VAT number.


In accordance with the Belgian law:

  • Businesses based in Belgium and individuals regardless of their location are charged with 21% VAT on the online event ticket (Article 21, §2 and Article 21bis, §1 – Belgian VAT Code)
  • Businesses registered outside of Belgium are not charged for the Belgian VAT and apply the reverse charge mechanism (Article 21, §2 and article 51, §2, 1° Belgian VAT code/ Article 44 and 196 EU VAT Directive)

Payments can be made by bank transfer or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX). Credit card payments are processed using the PCI compliant payment platform Stripe. Checks will not be accepted. All delegates are advised to arrange for full payment prior to the event to avoid any delays in accessing the online event platform or collecting their badges and accessing the event onsite. No event access nor badge will be provided to delegates with an outstanding payment.

  • Access and Connectivity for the Online Event

All participants are responsible for arranging a stable internet connection of sufficient bandwidth in order to access and interact in the online event platform. ASIS will not be held responsible for any event access issues due to the participant’s connection or service providers, system configuration or any other information technology issues beyond its control.

  • Travel and Transportation for the Onsite Event

All participants are responsible for arranging their own travel, accommodation, and transportation. Please note that citizens of some countries are required to obtain visa prior to arrival and that special COVID-19 related requirements might apply. Please consult with a nearby Czech Republic consulate or embassy and consult the website of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. ASIS International is not responsible for any travel, accommodation, transportation, or visa matters for attendees. ASIS International will provide a list of suggested hotels. Attendees are responsible for their reservation.



Selected sessions will be recorded depending on technical feasibility and consent of the speaker. Not all sessions will be recorded. Recordings will be available within two weeks following the event and until 30 July 2022. The recordings can be streamed on the online event platform and will not be available for download.



  • Access to the Onsite Event

ASIS will put all required measures in place to provide a safe environment for its event attendees. Measures will be taken according to the local regulations applicable at the time of the event and to what ASIS deem necessary to manage the risk for its event attendees.

Attendees may be required to provide a valid proof of COVID vaccination/COVID recovery/ negative PCR test to be allowed in the onsite event. Attendees may be required to wear a face mask in the event area.

Attendees will be expected to take common actions to reduce the risk of COVID transmission, and to behave responsibly (including leaving the event area) in case of exposure to a COVID case or experiencing symptoms.

ASIS Europe 2022 health and safety policies and procedures will be posted on and are subject to change.

Attendees will be required to show a photo ID at the registration desk in order to receive their badge access.

  • ASIS International Code of Conduct

All attendees of the event must abide by the ASIS International Code of Conduct.

  • Suitcasing Policy

Exhibiting, promotion or solicitation of products and services is allowed from designated exhibit booths only. Solicitation, distribution, advertising, displaying or promotion of any products or other materials or media outside of an exhibitors’ designated booth (“suitcasing”) is strictly prohibited. ASIS International retains, at its sole discretion, the right to cancel this Attendee registration and to remove or require the removal of any Attendee whose networking or sales conduct is determined to be “suitcasing”. If such action is necessary, there will be no refund of fees paid to Attendee, nor will ASIS International be liable for any damages including but not limited to any direct, incidental, or consequential damages arising from or related to the Attendee’s action or removal from ASIS Europe 2022.

  • Use of content

Rebroadcasting, recording video and/or taking photographs or screenshots is prohibited during ASIS Europe. If videos or images from ASIS Europe are created and/or disseminated without the consent of ASIS International, ASIS may take any action they deem appropriate including, but not limited to, expulsion from the current and/or future ASIS International meetings, conferences and events. Decisions to ban individuals from future ASIS events is in the sole discretion of ASIS International.

The organiser reserves the right to exclude attendees who do not abide by these requirements.



  • Health and Safety

The goal of ASIS International is to hold a safe event, but it is not possible to remove all risk, in particular with regard to COVID-19.  For more information on health and safety at the event, please see section “CONDUCT, HEALTH & SAFETY” above. Attendees agree that ASIS cannot be held liable for COVID-19 cases arising as a result of event attendance. Attendees agree to self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and, if experiencing any such symptoms, agree to discontinue participation in the Conference immediately and seek appropriate medical attention including a COVID-19 test. Should a COVID-19 test be positive, during the conference or in the 14 days following the conference, attendees agree to immediately inform ASIS International.

  • Event Programme Change

For organisational reasons, and/or reasons beyond the control of ASIS, ASIS reserves the right to alter the timing, content and format of the programme without prior notice at any time before or during the event.

  • Event Cancellation, Insurance, and Liability


ASIS will not bear any liability for any loss or damage resulting from delay or failure to perform obligations where such delay or failure to perform was due to conditions were beyond ASIS’ reasonable control, including electrical outage, or internet failure.


      • Force Majeure

In the case of government intervention or regulation, military activity, strikes, or any other circumstances that make it impossible or inadvisable for ASIS Europe 2022 to take place at the time and place provided, the attendee shall waive any claim for damages or compensation and there shall be no future or derived/indirect liability on the part of either or any party. All attendees take part in the event at their own risk and are encouraged to obtain adequate coverage for travel, health, and accidental insurance before they depart from their countries. The organisers, their suppliers, or agents accept no liability for any personal injuries, sickness, or loss of, or damage to private property belonging to ASIS Europe 2022 attendees.

      • Event Format Change

Should ASIS decide, for any reason, to cancel the onsite event before its start and transform it into an online event that might have different days and format, the paid registration fee will be applied to this new event format.



  • Data collection

Registration data is collected through the online system of an event registration software company (EventsAir). EventsAir servers are located in the USA. ASIS International and EventsAir have signed a data security and privacy agreement. Event registration data will be processed by the event organiser, ASIS International Brussels Bureau (managed by ASIS’ contracted service provider Exempla Management & Consulting SPRL) and stored in the ASIS International database in the USA. Click here to access the privacy policy of ASIS International.

  • Use of Data

Data related to attendance will be used by ASIS International only, for the sole purposes of the event organisation and statistics.

CONSENT – Contact details will be shared (or not) with sponsors according to the consent given (or refused) by the attendee at the registration stage or during the event. Attendees always have the option to withdraw consent for future sharing by informing ASIS by email ([email protected]) or updating their registration record.

CONTACT EXCHANGE – If participants agree to the contact exchange with another participant or sponsor during meetings in the online meeting hub or on the online marketplace, or onsite by agreeing to scan their badge or phone app or code, their contact details will be shared with such participant or sponsor.

Once contact details have been shared with another participant or sponsor, ASIS will no longer be responsible for how that data is stored or used by these persons/companies.

Other than described above, ASIS international will not share your contact details or other data. ASIS International does not sell contact information of its event attendees to any third parties.

  • Image and voice

The online and onsite events are a public space where photos, audio recording and videos are taken regularly where attendees may appear.  Registration and attendance at or participation in ASIS International meetings and other activities constitutes an agreement by the registrant to ASIS’s use and distribution (both now and in the future) of the registrant’s or attendee’s image or voice in photographs, videotapes, electronic reproductions or audiotapes of such, for promotional and educational purposes.

  • Visibility and list of participants

Attendees will be asked to tick whether they want to appear on the list of participants – please note that if selecting “yes”, name, company, job title and country will be displayed on the list of participants appearing on the online event platform and on the event mobile app. Attendees will be able to modify their appearance settings at their leisure.

Organisations sending participants to the event may be referenced as attending by ASIS International in communications and promotional messages about the event (no personal information stated).