PANTA RAY is a training and management consulting firm specialized in the disciplines of organizational resilience. We deliver continuity and resilience projects for a number of large companies in every segment. Since 2009, PANTA RAY has been recognized in both Italian and foreign markets as a partner of reference for companies that want to develop risk management, business continuity, and crisis management programs. We are Global Licensed Training Partners of the Business Continuity Institute and an Authorized Partner of PECB (Canada-based certification body). In 2018, PANTA RAY implemented a management system that granted them an ISO certificate 9001:2015. PANTA RAY is also Socio Effettivo of Ente Italiano di Normazione (UNI) and a UNI representative for the ISO Working Groups, who edit and publish the international standards and regulations for societal security. PANTA RAY is also a proud reseller partners for the best resilience software solutions on the market, such as those proposed by Everbridge, and those by Castellan.


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