Octava Defence

Advanced Protection Solutions


Octava Defence is a Ukraine based leader in the development and delivery of innovative defence solutions in the public and digital spaces, and also in the defence industry. Our mission is to prevent and eliminate complex threats that can lead to significant losses. Relying on the high intellectual potential of the team, our own production facilities and constantly operating monitoring centers, we provide reliable and advanced solutions to ensure protection in all aspects.


Octava Defence focuses on the development and delivery of innovative solutions in the following areas:


Acoustic observation: Using advanced acoustic surveillance technologies, we effectively detect audio threat signals in real time, ensuring a high level of security in various scenarios.


Optical observation: Our optical surveillance solutions provide accurate and high-quality visual monitoring of the environment, including night vision and high-precision cameras.


Integrated Defence Solutions: Octava Defence offers comprehensive approaches to defence, combining acoustic, optical and radar surveillance into integrated systems that provide detection for comprehensive threat protection.


Cyber Security: In a world of rapidly changing cyber threats, we ensure that your digital infrastructure and data are protected using advanced strategies and technologies.


Octava Defence is more than just defence. We develop integrated and intelligent solutions to ensure full security in all spheres of activity.



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