New: The DEI Breakfast – powered by the ASIS WiS Community

If you thought last year’s Comfortability Matrix was a challenge, think again! This year we are going to assess your crisis readiness in a table-top exercise like you’ve never seen. What’s the connection between “crisis and paralysis”? Join us just before the official opening session at ASIS Europe and you will be telling us in the end.

The DEI Breakfast – powered by the ASIS Women in Security Community – is now even more inclusive and continues the WIS Community’s efforts to facilitate open and honest conversations around sensitive topics.

This function will be conducted in a workshop style, where attendees will be seated in groups and handed cards with various uncomfortable words. We hope that this approach will encourage participants to share their experiences, thoughts, and ideas on how we can create a more diverse, inclusive, and respectful workplace for everyone.
We are committed to promoting a workplace culture where all employees feel safe, respected, and valued. We hope to facilitate meaningful discussions that lead to positive changes in our industry.

This session is open to all participants.

Date: Thursday 21 March
Time: 8.15-8.55am
Room: Leadership 3

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