Sicco Santema

Leadership Track
Professor of Networked Innovation, University of Technology, Delft (the Netherlands)
Sicco Santema is Professor of Networked Innovation at the University of Technology, Delft (the Netherlands) and a seasoned entrepreneur. He is fascinated by “technology for people”, i.e. innovations that help people and organisations move forward in life, in health and in achieving goals. This includes network continuity thinking, as an exponent of business continuity. He sees risks in a wider perspective than single organisations only. Risks are in the network and can be countered in the network as well. In this approach, he is also working on a different threat: Black Swan events. He uses this concept for breakthroughs in business models.

Sicco has over 30 years of experience in risk management, both in industry and academia. His values are integrity, intuition and curiosity. And most of all: “Fun makes it run”. He uses these values in his risk management related work, including presentations, workshops and panels.

At ASIS Rotterdam 2023, Sicco will, together with Rinske Geerlings, elaborate on cyber security essentials for securing business networks and deliver tips and tricks for business managers.