Pierre Falconetti

Cyber-risk analyst, CybelAngel, FR
Pierre is a cyber-risk analyst at CybelAngel, a French cybersecurity startup that finds data leaks where others don’t. The CybelAngel system scans billions of documents each second to find leaks for our customers across the Visible, Deep and Dark webs as well as Connected Storage. As soon as a leak is detected, Pierre and his team come into play. They qualify and conduct further investigation on the leaks so that customers can swiftly remediate them. Pierre has a solid background in risk analysis combined with a focus on Russian security affairs and North-Caucasus conflict. He has worked for the risk management firm GEOS, where he was responsible for the zone of CIS/Eastern Europe. He has also worked for the French think-tank IRIS. Pierre holds a Master's degree in International Relations from Paris’ renowned Sciences Po. When Pierre isn’t investigating data leaks for CybelAngel clients, he is most likely goalkeeping for his Handball team, or devouring books about history and politics.

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