Orhan Topcu

Senior Regional Security Manager - Germany-Switzerland, Austria, Northwest Europe - Turkey, Microsoft
Orhan Topcu started his early career within the Ministry of Interior, he had been in a number of different positions as a ranked police officer for nearly 24 years after his graduation from Police Academy in 1992. He first started in Turkish National Police Data Processing Department as the National Police Network Admin, where he took part in planning, establishing and building the physical and cyber security foundations which still remains as of today. After 1999 devastating Marmara, he was assigned to Civil Defense and work with multi-disciplined teams for emergency management, later he joined the Turkish Emergency Management Agency reporting to Prime Minister’s Office. He also took part in United Nations Peace Keeping Missions both in Bosnia and Kosova –Mission, mostly working on planning and risk assessments. After his retirement from government in 2012, He joined Microsoft and successfully served as Regional Security Manager for Middle East and Africa, over the last two years he has been assigned to Nordics, DACH and Turkey. He is mostly defined with his unique business oriented operational mindset which always accompanied with his unique ability of thinking out of box and being forerunner for many challenging topics. He is also holding a degree on Strategic Analysis and Risk Assessments. His combined knowledge and experience on IT, Disaster Risk Management, Security in a very wide range of different intergovernmental and international domains together with a highly disciplined work capacity and flexibility certainly defines him. He like reading, scuba diving.

Leadership Session: Societal change and unrest – external and internal risk considerations