Orhan Topcu

Leadership Track
Senior Regional Security Manager for North_West Europe &TR, Microsoft
Orhan Topcu is an experienced professional in the security industry with a career spanning over 24 years. He began his career in the Ministry of Interior, where he held various government positions.

He gained valuable international experience by participating in United Nations missions in Bosnia and Kosovo. Orhan's expertise lies in strategic analysis, risk assessments, ICT, disaster risk management, and security. He holds a degree in Strategic Analysis and Risk Assessments and has a strong track record of success in diverse working environments. Currently, he serves as the Middle East and Africa Regional Security Manager at Microsoft MEA HQ. Throughout his career, Orhan has been actively involved in disaster prevention and preparedness, regional cooperation on
disaster risk reduction, and national emergency management. With his extensive knowledge and disciplined work capacity, he has made significant contributions to various projects and organizations in the security field. Orhan is known for his innovative thinking, adaptability, and ability to think outside the box.

Session: Poster session: The Most desired Skill Set for Future Security Professionals