Noah Price

Leadership Track
Academy International Director, G4S
Noah Price is a dynamic leader in the world of international security with an illustrious military background. As a retired Army Major, Noah has served in pivotal roles including infantry officer in the prestigious Brigade of Gurkhas and helicopter pilot with the Army Air Corps. His versatile skills and exemplary service record laid the foundation for a transition into the private sector.

Joining G4S in 2007 as Operations Director for a specialised business unit, Noah made significant contributions to national security by delivering enhanced guarding services to critical infrastructure. A highlight of his tenure at G4S was leading the successful bid for the security contract for Hinkley Point C, the UK's first nuclear new build in over 20 years. The contract focuses on output and effects over the duration of the nuclear build, setting a new standard for the industry.

In July 2022, Noah took up the mantle as International Academy Director for G4S. Under his leadership, the Academy serves as a nexus for global expertise, offering an international network of specialists that support G4S colleagues in delivering integrated, risk-based security solutions. Noah's innovative approach is evident in the Academy's role as a value-added partner for G4S customers, ensuring alignment with the company's mission to be the world's most trusted services partner.

Academically, Noah holds a Foundation Degree in Security Risk Management, awarded with Distinction, bolstering his credentials as a recognised expert in the field. Additionally, his tenure as Director of Gurkha Services saw one of the highest scores ever awarded for the Approved Contractor Scheme, a testament to his commitment to excellence.

Away from the corporate sphere, Noah resides in Guildford, UK, where he balances family life as a married father of five with a passion for art. A man of integrity, loyalty, and courage, his values manifest in both his professional pursuits and his role as a committed family man.

Noah Price’s vision for the future is clear: to continue elevating the standards of the security industry, fortifying the Academy's indispensable role within G4S, and leading the way in risk mitigation and innovative solutions.

Session: The Future of Physical Security (Interactive Workshop)