Mykola Mikheiev, CPP, PCI, PSP

Leadership Track
Chair, ASIS International Ukraine Chapter
Mykola MIKHEIEV is a legal, investigative, due diligence, and security professional. He is an honorary retiree from governmental service with experience in diplomatic and political affairs, international security, and corporate security investigations.

Mykola has over 20 years of progressive professional experience at national and international security and foreign affairs levels, including knowledge gained through advisory and managerial positions. Having expertise in diplomatic duty, he can present valuable information for operations in the region from the point of view of regional and intergovernmental organizations, donors, and NGOs.

As an ex-diplomat, he learned to represent the office at interagency meetings and international, regional, or national conferences. In addition to the experience gained in the governmental security sector, he has worked for the private security sector in Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Iraq, protecting people and commodities in the gas and oil industries, combined with experience in maritime security.

Currently, Mykola is residing in Ukraine and leading the ASIS Ukraine local chapter. Speaker fluent in English, Serbo-Croatian, and Russian, with Ukrainian as the native language. He is certified in adult education and Training by a UK BTEC Pearson provider. He was a panel member at ASIS Europe 2022 and a speaker at ASIS Europe 2023. At the ASIS GSX 2022 and 2023 in the USA, he facilitated the pre-conference CPP Review Program, teaching CPP to over 90 candidates.

Session: Working in War-Torn Ukraine: What Your Country Security and Duty of Care Plan Should Include