Moritz Schubert

Leadership Track
Subregional Head of Physical Security Germany North, SAP SE
Moritz Schubert is a notable voice on "Experience-Driven Security: Elevating Effectiveness in Physical Security Organizations". At 28, he combines his academic background in Security Management with a hands-on Master of Science in Security and Risk Management from the University of Leicester. His master's thesis delves into the effects of customer experience within corporate security frameworks, making him well-versed in the latest industry trends and research.

With eight years in corporate security and his current role as Subregional Head of Physical Security for SAP in Northern Germany, Moritz is deeply embedded in the day-to-day realities of security management. His practical understanding of integrating customer experience with security operations offers valuable insights.

His approach is informed by his front-line experience at SAP, ensuring that his perspectives on security are not just theoretical, but tested in one of the most dynamic tech environments today. Moritz's expertise lies in aligning the often contrasting goals of security protocols with user experience, aiming to enhance both security outcomes and customer satisfaction. His practical experiences, coupled with his academic pursuits, make him a resourceful speaker for those looking to marry robust security measures with innovative customer experience strategies.

Session: Experience-Driven Security: Elevating Effectiveness in Physical Security Organizations