Keeley Watson

Vaccination Centre Logistics Manager, Francis Crick Institute
I am an experienced security manager that have worked in a number of different sectors. I have a passion for science and a degree in forensic science which is why I was excited to move to the Crick as a security officer. I quickly moved up the ladder to control room operator then duty security manager. During my time at the Crick I was honoured to be part of the official opening, where I lead the security team during the Queen’s visit and many other high profile events. In 2017 I was awarded frontline women in security award. Prior to being head hunted for a role in a mass Covid vaccination centre I had been promoted to Site manager. I have used my operational skills to run and manage the day to day non clinical side of the centre, dealing with some very tricky characters and the general public. I am learning a lot of new skills working with the NHS but am grateful for my experience in the security industry and the interchangeable skills I have gained which I have been able to apply in my new role. It’s so important to me to be part of something so poignant right now. I feel as if I am helping make a difference.