Jim Brooks

Innovation Track
CEO, Seerist
Jim Brooks, CEO of Seerist, leverages over 30 years of expertise in technology, security, intelligence, and professional services to lead a pioneering team. At Seerist, he spearheads the unique mission of combining state-of-the-art AI technology with expert, localized human analysis, providing preemptive, critical insights that guide swift, reliable decision-making. His journey in this field has been diverse and far reaching. Prior to Seerist, Jim served in various global leadership roles at Control Risks, leading strategy and execution across 36 countries, while advising global companies on risk, resilience, and compliance. His foundational experiences include serving as a Clandestine Service Officer with the CIA and a Navy SEAL, profoundly shaping his understanding of security and defense.

Session: How to effectively combine AI and human-led analysis to empower the contemporary Security Manager