Jamie van Iterson

Leadership Track
Asset protection and Business continuity specialist, Ahold Delhaize
Jamie joined Ahold Delhaize in 2021 as an external to support the team on Business Continuity. After a year Jamie took up the formal role as asset protection and Business Continuity Management Specialist. With a background in safety and security management and minor in psychology, Jamie has a broad expertise in both AP and BCM. With past experience in various industries at companies like Bosch Transmission Technology, Coca Cola and Prorail (Dutch Rail) he eventually kicked off his career at Ahold Delhaize.

With 400,000+ employee’s and over 7700 stores that serve up to 60million shoppers each week, Ahold Delhaize is one of the world’s largest food retail groups that is a leader in supermarkets, e-commerce and a company at the forefront of sustainable retailing. Within the global support office, Jamie is responsible for standardization and supports the great local brands in implementing groupwide standards. It is his goal to build a resilient group by protecting people, product, and processes to keep serving their customers, even in a crisis.

Jamie is involved with various professional platforms and is chairs the next generation board role at the ASIS Benelux chapter. With guest lectures at universities and events, Jamie reaches out to students and young professionals to mentor and help them kickstart their career in the industry.

As a typical debater, a broad interest from history to philosophy and a passion for food, Jamie loves a good scientific discussion around a fire.