Ibrahim Bulut

Senior Security Consultant, ALLSECCON Security Consultancy, BE
Ibrahim Bulut is an experienced safety & security consultant with a Master in Economics and Qualifications in Safety. His expertise is situated in the domain of safety (Compliance, Risk Analysis & Management and security (Total & Integrated Security Risk Management). His career started as a safety & security manager for the distribution centres of NV IKEA Distribution BENELUX SA. From 2009 till 2015 he was a security consultant at Optimit where he was responsible for providing consulting in the domains of risk analysis, strategy & planning, security design, organisational procedures and instructions, tendering process, project management, training and audit. From 2015 till 2017 he was the Business Development Manager for Meyvaert Glass Engineering worldwide securing the most valuable art works with bespoke showcases. Now he will return to the security industry as a senior security consultant.

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