Hugh Farquar

Leadership Track
VP of Product, Corporate Security, Dataminr
Hugh is the Vice President of Product for Corporate Security at Dataminr, the world’s leading AI event detection platform. In his role, he leads all aspects of strategic planning for Dataminr’s Pulse platform, from initial concepts, to design and development, as well as how new product features are commercialized and what new features are prioritized for the roadmap.

Prior to Dataminr, Hugh was the Co-Founder and CEO of WatchKeeper, a real-time unified situational awareness platform to manage global physical security threats at scale, which was acquired by Dataminr in June 2021.

Hugh’s career in technology was preceded with 15 years in corporate security and crisis management, having worked for private security companies operating in high-threat environments and the largest financial institution in the world, Citibank.

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