Florian Haacke, M.Sc

Leadership Track
CSO/ Head of Corporate Security, Porsche AG
Florian Haacke is the CSO/ Head of Corporate Security of Porsche AG since 2020. He was Staff Officer d.R. in the Cyber and Information Domain Service of the Bundeswehr and prior to that in the Special Operations Division. In 2016, he participated in the Security Policy Course for Senior Officials at the Federal Academy for Security Policy. He held lectureships for strategic steering of Corporate Security Organizations at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and the European Business School. From 2007-2020, he served as Member of the Board of the Allianz für Sicherheit in der Wirtschaft NRW e.V. (2014-2018 Chairman of the Board), 2019-2020, Member of the Board of the European Energy - Information Sharing & Analysis Centre (EE-ISAC). He was member of the Advisory Committee of the Bundeswehr University Munich for the accompanying research project IT-Security in critical infrastructures, member of the federal working group Cybersecurity of the Economic Council Germany e.V., in the CSO Roundtable of ASIS International, in the International Security Management Association, the European Institute of Corporate Security Management and others.

He published the book „Risiko Blackout - Krisenvorsorge für Wirtschaft, Behörden und Kommunen“. And since 2007, he is publisher of the Online Security Portal www.sicherheitsmelder.de of the Richard-Boorberg-Publishing Company.

Further achievements:
Cybersecurity Leader Award, 2019
Outstanding Security Performance Award 2015 und 2019
CSO50 Award 2018 und 2019
Security Innovation Award 2018
The Most Influential People in Security 2016

Session: Transforming Corporate Security at Porsche: Leveraging the dynamics of global change