Fabrice Moscheni

Managing Director, FASTCOM Technology SA, CH
Fabrice Moscheni is the Managing Director of FASTCOM Technology SA. Fabrice holds a Phd degree from the Swiss Polytechnical School in Lausanne and a senior MBA from IMD.
At FASTCOM, Fabrice leads the business unit focusing on access control solutions. In particular, this encompasses the development and commercialization of the SMACS product line. The SMACS enables to implement a multi-flow access control into a single mantrap. Many renowned companies around the world are using SMACS. Designed to seamlessly integrate into your infrastructure, it maintains high levels of security and adapts to the business requirements. SMACS is compatible with security norms such as PCI-CP and AEO. Typical applications include datacenters, high security production zones and R&D laboratories.

Artificial Intelligence for Secure Access Control