Dr. Dirk Bekke

Innovation Track
Innovation Manager, Nimo Drone Security
Dirk Bekke is the innovation manager from Nimo Drone Security. He started his career at the engineering company Oranjewoud and the tyre manufacturer Vredestein setting up the research department. Dirk Bekke’s PhD research helped realizing new patented solutions for the tyre manufacturer and consortium. In 2016 he joined Saxion as professor of the Mechatronics research group founding TValley and Space53 as the robotic and drone innovation clusters. The group helped more than 550 companies realizing their innovation ambition. In 2021 he joined the startup Nimo Drone Security developing a unique security solution using the scientific and engineering domain of robotic biomimicry. In the talk he will explain how robotic mimicry can overcome the increasing threats by robotizing the available workforce.