David Cox

Director European Cyber Resilience Centre, Mastercard
Prior to joining Mastercard in July 2020, David served for over 14 years in the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA). David’s law enforcement career culminated in the National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU), where he was the NCA lead for Protecting UK business from cyber crime attacks and was the national UK police lead for Preventing cyber crime. David also led strategic engagements with business in order to align law enforcement assets to combat the most significant cyber threats to the UK.

David is now the Director of Mastercard’s European Cyber Resilience Centre (ECRC), based in Waterloo, Belgium. The ECRC commenced operations in 2020 and has been developed to protect Mastercard’s network, its customers and consumers by strengthening public, private and regulatory collaboration and enhancing cyber resilience across Europe.

Session: Evolving Cyber Threats & Essential Mitigation Strategies