Craig Gundry, PSP

Lead Instructor, Anti-Terrorism Programs, S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute, US
Craig Gundry is the Vice President of Special Projects for Critical Intervention Services (CIS) and S2 Institute’s lead instructor for anti-terrorism and targeted violence mitigation. Mr. Gundry is responsible for directing CIS security and emergency management consulting and training projects pertaining to terrorism, critical infrastructure security, and targeted violence risk mitigation. Mr. Gundry is also the architect of the Guardian SafeSchool Program® and CIS Anti-Terrorism Officer Division.

Prior to joining CIS and the S2 Institute in 1999, Mr. Gundry was the President of Palladium Media Group, a company specializing in training and consulting on explosive, chemical, and biological terrorism. Mr. Gundry's expertise in the mitigation of targeted violence began in 1991 as a specialist in force protection and anti-terrorism with the United States Army.

Mr. Gundry is the author of the acclaimed Bomb Countermeasures for Security Professionals CD-ROM and has published numerous articles, manuals, and papers on security design and preparedness for acts of terrorism and targeted violence. Mr. Gundry is also a frequent consultant on issues relating to terrorism, targeted violence, and weapons of mass destruction and has provided expert commentary for numerous media organizations including BBC, CNN, and Fox News Network.

As an instructor, Mr. Gundry has been training security, police, and emergency responders in terrorism-related issues for over 18 years. Some examples of his clients include the US Capitol Police, US Central Command, US Department of Justice, US Special Operations Command, Azerbaijan Ministry of National Security, Iraqi Ministry of Interior, European Commission (EU), European External Action Service (EU), Federal Bureau of Prisons, Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Government of the Netherlands, Government of Oman, Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Saudi Arabian National Guard, and UAE Critical National Infrastructure Authority (CNIA). In addition to private clients, his previous public students have included over 3,000 security professionals, facility managers, military personnel, police officers, and federal officials from over 40 nations.

Chem-Bio Terrorism Training for Security Professionals