Chuck Randolph

Innovation Track
Chief Security Officer, Ontic
Charles (Chuck) Randolph is the Chief Security Officer at Ontic and leads Ontic's Center for Connected Intelligence. Chuck is also a host of the Ontic Protective Intelligence podcast. Before his role at Ontic, Randolph spent 20 years as Microsoft's Senior Director for Global Operations and Intelligence and the Senior Operations lead for AT-RISK International, leading teams that managed international operational efforts and reported on threat intelligence and other risk trends. Along with his corporate career, Randolph is a Lieutenant Colonel, retiring with 30 years of service in the operations, information operations, and intelligence spaces. Randolph is a founding member of the Corporate Executive Protection Leadership Council (CEPLC) and the International Protective Security Board (IPSB).

Session: Connected Corporate Security: How to Manage Threats and Risks with a Unified Security Model