Bruno Kalhoj

Leadership Track
Security Director, EY
Bruno Kalhoj is an international security leader with extensive experience in security strategy, resilience, risk assessment and crisis management for top-tier global private and public sector employers in a range of international environments, currently as security director at EY.

Since 2007, he has being headed high-performing security functions for employers in private and government sectors, initially for the dynamic clothing company, Bestseller, then a three-year period protecting Danish embassies in high-risk environments before leading global security for Maersk.

Since 2016 he played a lead role in transformation the security function at the European Central Bank, motivating an exceptional team to deliver best practice security risk and crisis management. Career highlights include pioneering innovation and cultural turnaround at ECB, professionalizing processes, systems and teams to drive major gains in strategy, performance, safety and risk mitigation. Currently Bruno is building a security and crisis management Center of Expertise across 25 countries in Africa and Europe at EY.

The breadth of his international background means he has worked in over 30 different countries for a wide range of organizations, coordinating with international stakeholders to deliver robust solutions in training, operations, audit, logistics, strategy and HR, before focusing on security leadership.

Many of his biggest achievements have come from an ability to create inclusive teams and successful relationships, networks, partnerships and environments that get the best out of people “There is nothing more satisfying than helping talented people to exceed their own expectations”.