Bjorn Hartong, CPP

Leadership Track
Supply Chain & Security Risk Management Specialist, Zurich Resilience Solutions, Board Member of TAPA EMEA
Bjorn is a dedicated senior professional with more than 25 years of experience in protecting company assets and proven contribution to the organizational profitability. He is actively involved in supply chains of the largest hi-tech and / or theft sensitive fast moving consumer goods as well as tobacco and pharmaceutical companies in the world on a global level for components as well as finished goods. Specialized and proven success in developed markets as well as emerging markets on a global scale. His overall aim is to minimize financial negative impact using an Enterprise Supply Chain Risk & Security Management Approach and as such improve internal and external customer satisfaction. Bjorn has been CPP certified for a long time and a member of the ASIS Supply Chain & Transportation Security Committee. He also recently gained the accreditation for CSCP (certified supply chain professional) of ASCM / APICS.

Session: Risk in the Red Sea - what can a security manager do to reduce the severe impacts?