Aurelien Lambert

Group Director of Physical Security and Safety, AXA Group
Aurélien Lambert is the Group Physical Security and Safety director, leading the protection of 170.000 personnel of the AXA Group, as well as all assets and operations in more than 60 countries.

After serving in the French military, he transitioned to the private security sector. He started working as a consultant, operating particularly in crisis contexts and sensitive situation in all regions of the world (such as political crisis in West Africa, the Haiti earthquake, the “Arab Spring”, etc.). He worked for very different types of clients: NGOs, diplomats, major Oil & Gas companies, etc.

He joined the AXA Group in 2014 to create and lead the central Physical Security & Safety strategy and function. In addition, he is leading the “security convergence program” being implemented across AXA to reinforce the link between the Physical Security and Safety, the Information Security and the Resilience functions.

He also holds two Masters’ degrees (in International Relations and also in Public Affairs) as well as several professional certifications.