Andrew Elvish

Innovation Track
Vice President of Marketing, Genetec
Andrew Elvish has more than 25 years of experience in the software industry, spanning different sectors such as media and entertainment, aerospace and defense, and physical security. He started at Genetec in 2012 as Vice President of Marketing, overseeing the company's internal and external marketing strategy, product portfolio, and market intelligence. As a senior member of this fast-growing company's executive team, he has led several strategic marketing and product initiatives, such as the introduction of the Genetec State of the Physical Security Industry Report, a comprehensive analysis of the trends and challenges facing the industry, and the launch of The Security of Security campaign, a global awareness program to educate the market on the cyber security risks and best practices in the physical security industry. With his peers in sales, strategy, and product development, he helps drive the innovation of how the physical security industry leverages leading-edge technology. A leader of a global team, Andrew has a unique view into the changing landscape of international security, marketing, and product innovation, views that he shares with Genetec partners and end-users every day.

Session: Seismic Shift: Navigating Cloud Adoption in Physical Security