Mykola Mikheiev, CPP, PCI, PSP

Chapter Chair, ASIS Ukraine
Mykola has 20+ years of governmental law enforcement and military expertise, including diplomatic service followed by international organizations' security sector experience with EU, UN, and OSCE. He holds several security certifications, a license to practice law, and an MA degree. He is a UK military academy graduate. As a consultant, he provides outsourcing services in due diligence, executive protection, and OSINT intelligence.

Plenary session: Dialogue with Ukraine Members
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Viktor Panchak, CPP

Regional Vice President, ASIS International
ASIS International Regional Vice Chair and a board certified senior corporate security professional with 20+ years of successful career experience in both Public and Private Security, Safety, Project Management and Corporate Business Administration.

Plenary session: Dialogue with Ukraine Members
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Major-General Laurent Bitouzet

Commandant, The French Gendarmerie Nationale Officers School
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Frank ter Kuile

Head of Marketing, Nedap Security Management
For the past 8 years active in commercial and marketing roles at Nedap.

Innovation session: Taking a peek at a future-proof world of access control
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Arjun Nandanuri

Business Development Manager, Honeywell Building Management Solutions HBS
Arjun Nandanuri is responsible for Business development at Honeywell Building solutions, Europe. He comes with a strong customer focus and a proven history within digital transformation, IOT, SaaS, cloud solutions and Edge technology applications to unleash efficiency and productivity for the Small and Medium Buildings sector. Arjun has more than twelve years of experience in helping the enterprise customers most ready for cloud-powered digital transformation journey to deploy and managing it.

Innovation session: Multisite Building Management Challenges - Sustainability and Digitalization
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Rafael Barbudo

Sr Business Development Manager South Europe, Honeywell Building Management Solutions HBS
Responsible for the Southern Region of Small and Medium digital offering at Honeywell.

Holds 19+ years’ experience on building solutions industry with strong customer focus and a proven history within digital transformation, IOT, SaaS, cloud solutions and Edge technology applications to unleash efficiency and productivity for the buildings and industry sector.

Innovation session: Multisite Building Management Challenges - Sustainability and Digitalization
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Nathan Green

Senior SME, Cyber Risk, Dataminr
Nathan Green is a Senior Subject Matter Expert in cybersecurity risk at Dataminr, a New York-based company that specialises in artificial intelligence to provide real-time information alerts to public and private sector clients. He received an MA in National Security Studies from Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service and a BA from the University of Maine. He also serves on the State Department’s OSAC cybersecurity committee.

Leadership session: Ransomware and Cyber-Physical Security Strategy
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Thomas Murphy

Strategic Intelligence Manager, Dragonfly
Thomas leads Dragonfly’s strategic intelligence portfolio. His background is in intelligence, with extensive experience advising senior decision-makers of current and future risks. He previously oversaw Dragonfly’s political and security risk analysis for Africa, providing high-quality business-enabling intelligence and analysis to some of the world’s most influential organisations. He is now responsible for Dragonfly’s strategic assessments, understanding the bespoke needs of clients and delivering bespoke intelligence products which inform decision-making. Thomas holds a MA International Relations from the University of Melbourne.

Session: Leveraging intelligence to keep board-level attention following Ukraine
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Hugo Crosthwaite

Intelligence Operations Manager, Dragonfly
Hugo is an intelligence operations manager in Dragonfly’s intelligence and analysis practice, where he has led our coverage of Russia and Ukraine for four years. Over the past four months, Hugo has engaged with senior stakeholders at dozens of organisations across almost every sector to help them manage the run-up to and fall out from the conflict in Ukraine. Before joining Dragonfly, Hugo lived and worked in Moscow.

Session: Leveraging intelligence to keep board-level attention following Ukraine
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Ing. Lucie Andreisová, Ph.D.

CE Head of Compliance and Ethics, Tesco Stores Czech
Lucie presides the Ethical Committee of the Prague University of Economics and Business. Apart from teaching Business Ethics & Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management at this University (and actively publishing in the above areas) she acts as Central European Head of Compliance & Ethics at Tesco Stores. Apart from retail, Lucie has practical experience with implementing tailor-made compliance and information security programs in telco and banking industries – in the Czech Republic as well as abroad (central and western Europe). She is also a member of Compliance Academy and International Compliance Association (ICA). In short, Lucie is a passionate compliance and risk practitioner with strong academic background and active professional life.

Session: Same Crisis, Different Priorities: Collaborating with Risk and Compliance
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Chris Brozenick

Senior Director of Product Marketing, Dataminr
Chris Brozenick is Dataminr’s Sr. Director of Product Marketing, where he leads Dataminr's Enterprise product marketing efforts (Pulse), as well as Dataminr for News. Chris joined Dataminr two years ago and have spent the last 8 years in the Security and Risk Management sectors, previously as VP of Product for WorldAware (now Crisis24), and before that had an 8 year career heading up Product for EarthNetworks/WeatherBug to deliver life-saving weather data to Enterprise and Consumers.

Innovation session: Managing Risk and Improving Resilience in a Volatile World
Innovation session: NextGen Security Operations: A Roadmap for the Future
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Florin Marica

Managing Director, Ultravision Consult
With over 20 years of experience in electronic security and homeland protection, Florin Marica is a prominent member of the regional community of security solutions and system integrators. His area of expertise covers a wide range of topics including Physical Security Information Management, electronic security, integrated systems, real-time software aso. Running for 9 years the Ultravision Consult business in Central and South Eastern Europe, Florin has an in-depth view of the regional electronic security market and achieved outstanding experience in complex implementations of PSIM software solutions both at local and regional level.

Innovation Session: You don't need to panic, but you do need to be prepared!

Online Session: How can we lead resilience in crisis situations?
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Simon Rüegger

Head of Security Switzerland and Austria & ASIS Switzerland Young Professional Officer, EY
With a background in business administration and law, Simon by chance slipped into the world of corporate security some years ago – and found his passion. His previous work experience in Assurance, Risk Management and Compliance, provided a basis that supported the regional security team to build the function from scratch, and still proofs to be of value for his current role as the Head of Security for the Swiss and Austrian practices at EY.
Since 2022, Simon also acts as the Young Professional Officer for ASIS Switzerland (Chapter 160) and works cross-border with other chapters officers to support current and future young industry talents.

Session: Aspiring Leaders Workshop
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Frieder Hansen

Founder and owner , Infrafon GmbH, Freiburg Germany
Serial entrepreneur Frieder Hansen is founder and owner of Infrafon GmbH. After reverse IPO in 2020 he quit his operative role at market leading self service kiosk brand Pyramid Computer AG. He is convinced, that IoT technology, used for digitalization of human processes, can bring up efficiency and safety of big organizations such as hospitals, travel organizations, team management or big buildings. Hansen looks for strategic market- and investment partners for Infrafon Smart Badge system.

Session: Ultima Ratio Smartphone? – GYOD versus BYOD!
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Jens Greiner

Director, PwC Germany
Jens Greiner is an advisor at PwC with a focus on Corporate Security, Crisis and Business Continuity Management. He has more than 25 years of experience in the arena of security and crisis management with leader and advisor roles in various types of organizations. Being a former Head of Corporate Security for a global operating industry company, he was responsible for leading and steering a global security management organization. Jens is a former military officer with a specialization in psychological operations and intelligence. He initially studied management and economics and he is certified by the Business Continuity Institute (CBCI).

Table talk: Resilience Fusion Center: Buzzword or the next TOM (target operating model) for Corporate Security?
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Daniel Krause

Senior Manager, PwC Germany
Daniel is a Senior Manager at PwC Germany. He has more than 20 years of experience in security management in private sector organizations and senior federal agencies. Prior to joining PwC, Daniel led the Security & Loss Prevention practice for Amazon in Central Europe. Previously, he served as Head of Security Asia Pacific & Middle East and Senior Manager Corporate Security for Volkswagen AG and OSRAM Licht AG. Daniel is a former military intelligence officer with several deployments abroad. He initially studied educational science and holds a master's degree in criminology and police science from Ruhr University Bochum.

Table talk: Resilience Fusion Center: Buzzword or the next TOM (target operating model) for Corporate Security?
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Nana Kalandarishvili

Manager, PwC Germany
Nana is a manager in the Risk and Regulatory practice of PwC Germany. She has 10 years of experience of working in the field of Conflicts and Security. Before joining PwC, Nana has worked with different state and international organizations covering topics of geopolitics, good governance and state building, conventional and hybrid warfare, information operations, risk intelligence, and crisis management. She often delivers lectures on the above mentioned topics. Nana`s professional focus is mainly on Government and Public Sector, Defense and Security, Crisis Management and Corporate Security.

Online Session: The resurrection of Geopolitics - new challenges or opportunities for Corporate Security

Leadership Session: Geopolitical uncertainty – the business consequences
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Jens Paulus

Partner, PwC Germany
Jens Paulus has almost 20 years of leadership experience in political and geopolitical consulting. He was a member of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Foundation for 14 years, where he was the Head of the European and North American Department. During his time in KAS, he was also stationed as a resident Representative in Nigeria. As part of PwC, Jens’ role is to work alongside governments, public bodies and organizations by providing support and insights on the most pressing public sector challenges. His industry emphasis lies within the Government and public sector, Defense and Security, Oil & Gas.

Online Session: The resurrection of Geopolitics - new challenges or opportunities for Corporate Security

Leadership Session: Geopolitical uncertainty – the business consequences
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Nicolas Haas

Global Head Cyber Risks Control and Assurance, Hilti Corporation
Since 2022 Nicolas Haas is responsible for the IT & Cyber Risk Management, IT Business Continuity & Crisis Management as well as Security Testing in Hilti Corporation.
Additionally he is in charge of the global Training & Awareness with regards to cyber security.
Previously, he was the Head of Software IT services, owning Hilti’s global API management, Hilti’s customer identity management solution and the newly developed software selling solution.
In his over 10 years tenure with Hilti, he had various positions in the Global IT department of Hilt, ranging from working with ERP systems to lead (IT) development projects.

Nicolas holds a Ph.D. from the University of Passau, Germany and is living with his family in Eastern Switzerland.

Leadership session: From the boxing ring to the tango floor – stop fighting and start partnering with HR
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Herro Zoutendijk

Regional Director EMEA, Constella Intelligence
Herro Zoutendijk is the Regional Director EMEA at Constella Intelligence, a global leader in Digital Risk Protection with broad, collaborative and scalable solutions, including the largest breach data collection on the planet, spanning 125 countries and 53 languages. In this capability, Herro advises governments and enterprises on Executive, Employee and Brand Protection, as well as OSINT and Threat Hunting. Prior to being at Constella, he held senior positions at EclecticIQ, IBM, SPSS and PinkRoccade. His decades of experience spans across both public and private sectors in EMEA on such topics as Threat Prediction & Prevention, Insider Threat, Cyber Threat Intelligence and Emergency Management. He holds several degrees and is active in ISACA, CISM and CDPSE.

Innovation session: Protecting Assets in an Age of Hybrid Threats
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Jose Carlos Faria Agrela

Senior Sales Executive EMEA, Azena
Jose Carlos Faria Agrela subject matter expert with security industry knowledge and over 16 years of experience in global security markets. My passion is enabling spaces and cities become safer, smarter and more efficient by implementing and utilizing the newest and latest technology solutions. Deep understanding of solution architecture and design and AI video analytics and how to combine and integrate multiple ecosystem components. I am a member of ASIS since 2021 and I am an active member of the ASIS Austria Chapter.

Innovation session: How to start leveraging AI Video Analytics for and beyond security

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Mariana Duarte

Smart Buildings and Digital Solution Manager – Europe, Johnson Controls
Mariana Duarte is leading Johnson Controls Smart Buildings and Digital Solutions business in Continental Europe.
She is representing Johnson Controls in the eu.bac association and has also been appointed as the representative of eu.bac in the Smart Readiness Indicator working group of the European Commission .
Mariana has 23 years of experience in the automation and building technologies markets, most of it spent in strategic sales & marketing positions with international coverage, and a proven track record of significant market share growth and business turnaround in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa & Latin America with outstanding leadership on how technology supports the global megatrends challenges.
Mariana has an academic qualification in electrical engineering, and she's proficient in English, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

Leadership session:
Aspiring Leaders Workshop

Online & Innovation sessions: Smart Buildings: Impacts on Security Megatrends Over the Next Decade

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Karel Pelan

Country Manager, IWG
After management studies, Karel Pelán gained his first work experience in London. As a professional, he worked for the world's largest corporations as Johnson&Johnson, Sodexo, ISS where he was always responsible for market development, as he is today for the IWG. Despite the difficulties of flexible offices during the pandemic, he claims that the pandemic has accelerated the transformation to greater office flexibility and new age of Hybrid Working. He spends his free time playing sports and family. He has been playing chess since childhood and maybe that's why he always tries to be a few moves ahead.

Innovation Session:Hybrid Working and its Effect on Business Continunity

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Torsten Wolf, CPP

Head of Group Security Operations, Zurich Insurance Company
Torsten Wolf has over 30 years’ experience in the insurance industry across multiple functional disciplines, incl. Strategy, Finance, Audit, and Security. He held various executive positions in Zurich’s corporate security function.

Torsten was educated in Germany (BA Business/ Economics) and England (MBA), is board certified as internal auditor and protection professional. He served as Regional Vice President in ASIS Europe and is the Secretary/Treasurer of the newly formed European Regional Board of Directors. He is also a Member of the CSO Center, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, and the Asia Crisis and Security Group.

Session Facilitator: Geopolitical uncertainty – the business consequences
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Tomáš Sedláček

Author of Economics of Good and Evil, Philosopher of Economics, Goverment advisor
Tomáš Sedláček, Ph.D. (born 1977) became known through his book Economics of Good and Evil (OUP 2009) that was translated into 21 languages and won many prestigious prizes in economic literature for original philosophical contribution to economics.

He is a former advisor to Czech revolutionary president Vaclav Havel. He was listed among the top 100 most influential global thinkers (Top 100 Thought Leaders, GDI). He was a member of Programme Council for New Economic Thinking of the World Economic Forum and advised then European Commission president Barroso on New Narrative for Europe.

In March 2020, he joined the Economic Advisory Team for the Central Crisis Staff, which is included in the system of the National Security Council under the Czech Republic's Government. He is a sought after speaker, debater and frequent international commentator.

He lectures at Charles University and sits on boards of many non-profit organization.

Session : Opening Keynote: War Economy
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Ben Thorne

Manager, Intelligence, Crisis24
Ben Thorne is a London-based Senior Intelligence Manager for Crisis24’s Embedded Intelligence Services division. He is responsible for implementing Crisis24 embedded intelligence programmes across Europe and the Middle East. Ben also has served as Travel Security and Intelligence Manager for a US pharmaceutical as well as a security consultant for a major manufacturer. He holds a Master’s in Political Science from the University of North Carolina and Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and a BA in International Relations.

Innovation Session: How Effective Intelligence Professionals Can Redefine an Organisation’s Success
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Graeme Hudson

Associate Director for All Hazards Reponse, Crisis24
Graeme Hudson is the Associate Director for All Hazards Reponse at Crisis24. He joined in 2016 following ten years in the Security Risk and Crisis Management industry, working alongside international NGOs and government agencies. Prior to this, Graeme served 15 years with the UK armed forces, primarily as a member of the Close Protection Unit in Longmoor. As an experienced response consultant, Graeme has advised on multiple cases as a primary and secondary Response Consultant including threat/ extortion, Kidnap & Ransom, and cyber. He has managed over 120 cases as part of the Response Management team.

Online Session: Duty of Care in Armed Conflict: Lessons Learned from Ukraine
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Lee Odess

General Manager of New Market Development, Latch
Lee Odess’s career has spanned nearly 20 years as an Entrepreneur and an Integrator (founded E+L+C), for a multinational billion-dollar manufacturer in the lock and access control industry (Allegion), and as an Executive of a startup who pioneered the IoT/smart lock/smart physical access control industry (UniKey), and as an Executive with the first cloud-based physical access control manufacturer (Brivo). He’s put all those years together to form The Inside, a platform focused on the physical security industry community, Group337, a consulting company focused on business creation in the security industry, and Security Industry Metrics, a data and analyst firm focused on bringing real data and reports to the industry. In October of 2021, The Inside, Group337, Security Industry Metrics, and all the content was acquired by Latch (NASDAQ: LTCH). He’s currently an executive at Latch helping develop and implement the company strategy.

Labeled as one of the 2020 IFSEC Global influencers in Security and as an uber-networker by the Washington Post, Lee Odess has over 18 years starting, building, and leading businesses with an exceptional track record for sales growth and marketing effectiveness. He’s always engaging on The Inside Community App and also wrote a book called "The 6 Phase Changes Shaping Access Control."

Innovation Session: Taking a peek at a future-proof world of access control
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Markus Epner

Head of Academy, F24 AG
Markus joined F24 AG in 2022. He worked in several positions in different security and crisis teams, was one of the first officers in the Kommando Spezialkräfte and his experience from the wars in former Yugoslavia as well as his many years of leadership experience in industry give him confidence when acting in critical events.
Markus studied Security and Crisis Management in Kiel and have more than 20 years of experience in security and crisis management with Lufthansa and Boehringer Ingelheim. During his time in the industry he managed, beside some other crisis, the evacuation of two crews out of Mumbai during the terror attacks and the covid-19 crisis during his time in the pharmaceutical industry.
Markus holds a Degree in security & crisis studies at the Police Administrative College in Schleswig-Holstein
Markus is married, has two children, and in his free time, he enjoys riding his roadbike.

Session: Same Crisis, Different Priorities: Collaborating with Risk and Compliance
Innovation Session: How Crisis Leadership Precedes Crisis Management and Why is it Important for You
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Michael Roberts

Chief Physical Security , AXA Partners
Michael Roberts is the Chief Physical Security for AXA Partners, a company that operates from over 75 offices globally, providing everything from roadside assistance, to medical and security evacuation services. Prior to joining AXA, Michael was the Director of Crisis and Security Consulting at Control Risks in the Middle East where he was responsible for the profitability and servicing of the company’s commitments in a wide variety of industries.

Online session: The future of corporate security – the trends that won’t go away
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Peter McGowan

Global Account Director, ICTS Europe
Peter is ICTS UK Divisional Director with over 20 years’ of security operational experience. He has designed and established security programmes across a diverse range of client contracts.

Peter holds a Level 5 Award in Corporate Risk & Crisis Management. He has extensive experience designing and implementing targeted and tailor-made security strategies.

Alongside Peter’s professional experience, he has completed numerous training courses to contribute to his professional development in security management, people development and occupational health & safety.

Innovation Session: Changing the Game: Physical Security Transformed
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Adhishesh Sood

Healthy Buildings Strategic Alliances Leader, Honeywell Building Technologies
Adhishesh Sood is the Strategic Alliances Leader for Healthy Buildings at Honeywell Building Technologies. Adhishesh has a prominent track record in technology & customer centric solutions. His experience ranges from airport airside management, business leadership and solutions development, to occupant health and well-being in buildings. Adhishesh has been instrumental in leading global service businesses, solutions advisory and life cycle development, and solutions design. He is also a WELL Air Advisor as part of the Healthy Buildings partnerships.
Adhishesh holds several professional and academic qualifications in Electronics Engineering, Marketing and business leadership. He is a passionate cyclist, loves the outdoors, and reading.

Online session: Buildings of the Future: a people centric approach to healthier facilities

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Christine Forstmann

Sales and Key Account Manager, F24 AG
Christine Forstmann is an expert in alerting and crisis management at F24 AG in Munich. Her motivation is the best possible preparation of her clients for critical situations. In her daily work with large corporations and SMEs, Christine Forstmann can draw on her years of experience in risk management.

Online session: 4 Essentials Which Need To Considered When Facing A Cyber Attack
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Owen Miles

Field CTO CEM, Everbridge
Owen Miles as worked for Everbridge for over 12 years and within the operational resilience and Critical Event Management space for over 20 years. Owen has spent 7 years focused on the delivery of the Everbridge Critical Event Management platform to customers. Having worked with over 800 customers across multiple industries, Owen brings years of experience in enhancing operational resilience.

Online session: The Importance of Building Resilient Businesses in a Covid-19 World - Digital Transformation in the New Normal

Innovation Session: Building Enterprise Resilience in a Hybrid World - Managing Evolving Risks: Prepare, Respond, Recover & Thrive

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Shaun Boulter

Global Head Operations & Security – Corporate Mobility , AXA Partners UK
Shaun has over 27 years of experience in all aspects of security and crisis management since leaving the British Military (13 years’ service). He is currently Global Head of Security and Operations for the Corporate Mobility related services supported corporate clients globally for all aspects of travel risk management. Prior to joining AXA Partners, Shaun was the Head of Crisis and Security Management for a prominent risk consultancy company based in Singapore. During this time he supervised many crisis evacuations and implemented business continuity, crisis management and security and risk management plans and audits for many multinational corporations and high net worth individuals around the world.

Before moving to Asia, Shaun was based in London where he managed the Security & Risk department for Perot systems and was responsible for all European and Indian operations and the safety and security of over seven thousand staff. Shaun has worked as a security advisor to the Qatar Foreign/Prime Minister in Doha for a period of five years after a coup attempt to overthrow the ruling family. During this time he worked and liaised extensively with many foreign governments, military and police forces around the world.
While serving in the British military he specialised in counterterrorism in Northern Ireland, UK mainland, the Middle East and Asia. Shaun holds an MSc from Leicester University in Security & Risk Management. Shaun is also a member and Fellow with the FCiiCM

Session: Travel Risk - Changes in the Landscape
Innovation Session: Duty of care versus Travel Risk Management! Is safe legal and is legal safe?
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Hendrik Grosse-Lefert

Head of Department Services & Security Chief Security Officer & Integrity Officer, Deutscher Fussball-Bund e.V.
A graduate in Public Administration and German Police Superintendent, Hendrik Grosse-Lefert has been the Chief Security and, since 2018, Integrity Officer of the German Football Association (DFB), as well as the chair of the DFB's Prevention & Security & Football Culture Committee. He is the DFB representative in both the National Sport & Security Committee and in the UEFA Stadium & Security Committee and works as a security officer at international competitions. Previously, he gained more than 20 years' experience in the police force, including as a press officer, head of delegation during foreign missions, and as a member of various committees of the European Union and the Council of Europe.

Session: ESRM in Action
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Erwin van de Weerd

Area Physical Security Manager BeNeLux at SAP & Vice-Chair ASIS Global Young Professionals Community,
Erwin van de Weerd is a twenty-four years old young professional, who joined ASIS International back in 2017. In 2019, he started his volunteer leadership at his local chapter (Benelux) for leading Young Professionals. Additionally, in 2020 he joined the ASIS Global Young Professionals Community and is currently the Vice-Chair leading and guiding Young Professionals on a global level.

Erwin is currently the Area Security Manager Benelux for SAP. Prior to that, he provided security consultancy services to many organisations, for cybersecurity as well as physical security.

Session facilitator: Aspiring Leader Workshop
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Michel A.G. de Jong, CPP

Head of Global Security, COFRA Holding,
Michel is Head of Global Security for COFRA Holding A.G., a privately held group of companies active in various business sectors, including asset management (Anthos Fund & Asset Management), private equity investment management (Bregal), apparel retail (C&A), real estate investments (Redevco) and renewable energy (Sunrock). Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, the group employs more than 74,000 employees across its business operations in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Michel chaired the ASIS Benelux Chapter before passing the hammer on to Nele Eykens, the first ever female chair for the Chapter. From January 1st 2022, Michel will serve on the CSO Center Board of Directors.

Session facilitator: Same Crisis, Different Priorities: Collaborating with Risk and Compliance
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Radek Havlis, CPP

ASIS Europe 2022 Conference Vice Chair and Member of the European Board of Directors,
Radek has more than 20 years of experience in leading security management positions in a corporate environment. He possesses two university master degrees (in law and legal science and in business administration), a number of professional certifications (CPP, CISM, PMP) and is a Chartered Security Professional (CSyP) and a Fellow of The Security Institute (FSyI).

Session facilitator: AI and Security: debunking myths and understanding risks
Session facilitator: Dialogue with Ukraine Members
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Godfried Hendriks, CPP

2020 ASIS President,
Godfried Hendriks MBA BSc CPP RSE (Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1963), is active in the field of security and crime prevention since 1989. He specialised in retail security, retail robbery prevention, retail fraud prevention, retail cash management solutions and public private partnerships.

After managing a group of companies, he works as an independent security and management consultant, trainer, and business & product development executive since 2002.
He regularly publishes about the use of technology and innovative crime prevention in retail and public private partnerships. Godfried has presented on these topics and been a participant of expert panels on numerous occasions globally.

He is a member of ASIS International since 1992, active as a volunteer leader since 2002, and has served as the 2020 President of the Global Board of Directors.

Session facilitator: Societal Change and Unrest - Internal and External Considerations
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Inge Huijbrechts

Global Senior Vice President Sustainability, Security and Corporate Communications, Radisson Hotel Group
Inge Huijbrechts is Global Senior Vice President Sustainability, Security and Corporate Communications for Radisson Hotel Group – developing the Responsible Business and Safety & Security programs in the group’s 1500 hotels in operations & development in 120 countries around the world.

Together with her team, she lays out the strategy for Responsible Business from build to operations and keeps the over 100,000 employees around the world engaged in everyday Responsible Business actions. Additionally, she leads the global expert Safety & Security team to ensure all is done to welcome guests in safe and secure hotels:

Next to Think Planet – minimizing the environmental footprint– the group’s award winning Responsible Business program focuses on: Think People –always caring for employees and guests, and Think Community – community engagement and business ethics.

In May 2020, we launched the Radisson Hotels Safety Protocol, a program of in-depth cleanliness, disinfection, and prevention procedures developed in partnership with SGS comprising a 20-step health and safety protocols, as well as a 10-step protocol for meetings & events.

Two of Radisson Hotel Group’s brands have won prestigious Responsible Business awards: Park Inn by Radisson has won the 2017 UNWTO Award for Innovation; Radisson Blu has won the 2017 IMEX Innovation in Sustainability Award.

Inge has a sustainability blog RE:Think on http://www.hotelsmag.com/Industry/Blogs
She’s a member of the ASIS CSO Center for Leadership and Development and the chair of the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance Executive Committee and of the OSAC Hotel & Lodging Sector Committee. Inge also sits on the board of Flanders Special Venues.

Before joining Radisson Hotel Group, she has held senior management roles across Europe in the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility, Sales and Business Development, working in Belgium, France, Sweden and Germany.

Inge has a Master in Science and Applied Economics from the University of Leuven, Belgium, and an MBA in European Studies from the University of Saarbrücken, Germany.

Inge lives with her husband in Belgium. She rides horses and is a yoga teacher. From 2003 to 2007 she sailed halfway around the world in her own yacht.

Session facilitator: Corporate Sustainability Objectives – From Impacts to Opportunities for Security
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Jeroen Harmsen, CPP, PSP

Teamlead Global Business Development , Nedap
In his role as Teamlead Global Business Development for Nedap, Jeroen develops, creates and markets new concepts (tools and services) for the CSO. In this co-creation, he aids organisations identify, analyse, and communicate relevant business and security-related goals. Previously, he was Director Global Product Management and Director International Channel Management for the BU Security Management at Nedap. In these leadership roles, Jeroen created a shared product vision, at both strategic and tactical levels. Jeroen holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and is CPP and PSP certified.

Innovation Session: How digital transformation brings security closer to business
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Palo Stacho

Head of Operations, LUCY Security AG
For almost 30 years, Palo has been an entrepreneur, public speaker and thought leader in the IT industry. He holds a Swiss Federal Diploma in Computer Science and a postgraduate degree in Corporate Governance from the HSG. In 2010, he was already focusing on digitalization and cyber security. Therefore Palo joined LUCY Security in the early days back in 2015, he is co-founder of this internationally recognized IT security awareness company. As a project manager and solution consultant, Palo has the experience from dozens of cybersecurity awareness projects, be it at Lufthansa, Bosch, Mobiliar Insurance, OMV, Swisscom and more.

Innovation Session: The Good Security Leader from the Human Factor Perspective
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Letitia Emeana, CPP, PSP

Group Security Capability Manager, Unilever
Letitia Emeana has been active in security since 2001. She qualified with her ASIS PSP in December 2007, IT Governance CISMP 2014 and ASIS CPP in 2017.

Letitia is a multi-disciplinary security professional and leader with significant experience in Security Design, Security Technology and Security Implementation. Letitia is the Global Security Capability Manager at Unilever and held previous Leadership positions at Tesla, Amazon and Lloyds Banking Group. She is a passionate advocate for Diversity in its broadest sense and was core to the establishment of Women’s Security groups in Amazon, Tesla and Unilever.

She is the Chair of the ASIS UK Chapter.

Letitia’s background in global security gives her a broad appreciation of the multifaceted elements for supplier capability, corporate thinking, changing threats and new technologies. She is also able to connect this with the latest thinking on coaching, facilitation and innovation to maximise the success of capability. She brings enthusiasm and motivation to a team, whilst being very much a servant leader with diversity rooted in her DNA. She enjoys learning from others and sharing thoughts on improvements by harnessing these strengths.

Letitia has a son, is a qualified FA Football Coach, Aerobics Instructor, decent golfer and runner and her brother is currently Goalkeeper coach to USA Women’s Soccer National Team.

Session facilitator: Ransomware and Cyber-Physical Security Strategy
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Matteo Grella

Head of Research & Artificial Intelligence, EXOP, IT, Crisis24
Matteo Grella is responsible for managing the global artificial intelligence team of Crisis24.

Matteo’s expertise has the distinction of combining vision, leadership, and technical background. His experience includes AI projects at private companies, universities, and government agencies. His research focuses on Natural Language Processing and related Machine Learning models. He is involved in Open-Source projects and publishes papers on these subjects.

Part of Crisis24 since the acquisition of EXOP in 2021, he oversees the application of cutting-edge technologies enabling analysts to track global events faster and have a better understanding of their impact, implications, and outcomes.

Session: Emerging Technology Risk (part 1) - Understanding Algorithms and AI
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Werner Cooreman, CPP, PSP

Senior Vice President – Group Security Director, Solvay Group, and Chair of the ASIS Professional Standards Board
Werner Cooreman is Senior Vice President – Group Security Director for the Solvay Group, a global chemical manufacturer. Previously Werner held international security roles in other industries. Prior to his 20 years in security management in the private industry, he was a member of the Belgian Military for 20 years, where he participated in several international missions with the United Nations and NATO.

Werner’s expertise covers a broad range of security expert areas, but he is mainly focussed on establishing and developing an enterprise security risk management function in complex international business environments, and is considered a thought leader on security management. He is an active member in several professional security associations, and holds a Master in Military Sciences from the Belgian Royal Military Academy, as well as many other professional security certifications across multiple domains of security.

Session: ESRM in action
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Balvinder Singh Powar

Professor, IE Business School
Balvinder is English of Indian origin, resident in Madrid, Spain. He is a Business & Finance graduate who also studied a Masters in Mediation from the University of London. He has extensive experience leading business, social, cultural, media and technology projects in Spain and internationally. His main skills include internal and external communications, creative & strategic input, business development & senior management, team leadership, relationship management & business mediation.

Balvinder is passionate about the importance of building strong and effective teams and enabling projects, which push boundaries. He is a strong advocate of self-empowerment and pro-activeness to achieve one´s goals, with his favourite quote being that of Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

He is CEO at Learning Experience/ Ed Tech Company Unfoldwork.com and a Founding Partner, Board Member and Director at BOOSTER Space Industries and AERDRON, innovative international New Space/Aerospace projects/consultancies with important stakeholders globally. In 2015 he became a Business Mentor at “The Founder Institute”, one of the largest and most powerful start up networks in the world.

He is also an Adjunct Professor and Business Mentor at IE Business School and a qualified and experienced trainer, giving sessions on Leadership, Team Management and Motivation, Innovation Culture, Mediation/Conflict Resolution Skills & Entrepreneurship globally.

He has recently authored a book called "Going Digital" (for Pearson group) about the Inner Secrets of Successful Business Innovation and Digital Change.

Online session: Overcoming Polarisation and Maintaining Healthy Dialogue
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Orhan Topcu

Senior Regional Security Manager - Germany-Switzerland, Austria, Northwest Europe - Turkey, Microsoft
Orhan Topcu started his early career within the Ministry of Interior, he had been in a number of different positions as a ranked police officer for nearly 24 years after his graduation from Police Academy in 1992. He first started in Turkish National Police Data Processing Department as the National Police Network Admin, where he took part in planning, establishing and building the physical and cyber security foundations which still remains as of today. After 1999 devastating Marmara, he was assigned to Civil Defense and work with multi-disciplined teams for emergency management, later he joined the Turkish Emergency Management Agency reporting to Prime Minister’s Office. He also took part in United Nations Peace Keeping Missions both in Bosnia and Kosova –Mission, mostly working on planning and risk assessments. After his retirement from government in 2012, He joined Microsoft and successfully served as Regional Security Manager for Middle East and Africa, over the last two years he has been assigned to Nordics, DACH and Turkey. He is mostly defined with his unique business oriented operational mindset which always accompanied with his unique ability of thinking out of box and being forerunner for many challenging topics. He is also holding a degree on Strategic Analysis and Risk Assessments. His combined knowledge and experience on IT, Disaster Risk Management, Security in a very wide range of different intergovernmental and international domains together with a highly disciplined work capacity and flexibility certainly defines him. He like reading, scuba diving.

Leadership Session: Societal change and unrest – external and internal risk considerations
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James Morris, CPP

Head of Security Services, EMEA, Corporate Protection Services, Aon
James Morris is a Security, Safety and Crisis Manager with over 15 years protecting assets to enable business operations across the financial, mining, military and government sectors.
James has spent the past 4-years working for Aon in London. Prior to that he was the Security Operations Manager for AIG. Before relocating to the UK, James was the Regional Security Manager for IAMGOLD Corporation, where he led risk management for new jurisdictions, compliance, investigations, and travel security, while managing the company response to crises including the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Previously, as EMEA Regional Security Analyst for Newmont Mining Corporation in Ghana, he protected assets for the company in the region including a $2.4B gold mine. James started his career in security management in Iraq with AEGIS Defence Services, before joining the security team at the British Embassy in Afghanistan.

Session facilitator: Corporate Sustainability Objectives – From Impacts to Opportunities for Security
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Jason Dibley

Director, QCC Global Ltd
Jason Miles Dibley is a founding Director of QCC Global Ltd. Having trained extensively in the field of covert technical surveillance/counter surveillance.
Jason has a long and established career in this field spending 21 years in Overt/Covert deployments as an engineer with the TSU Metropolitan Police in London.

Between 1998 and the present Jason and his team of TSCM specialists have been involved in many complex /sizable technical inspections spanning over 100 countries on 5 continents. Leading to the successful discovery of active industrial/state sponsored espionage attacks and evidence of past hostile activity.
A member of ASIS, DISA The Security Institute an Advisory Board member of the Espionage Research Institute (Washington) and a founder member of the TSCM Institute

Innovation Session: TSCM Update & The Importance of TSCM Post Pandemic

Innovation Session: TSCM Update and the Pegasus mobile phone spy software attack. What you need to know
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Peter French, CPP

CEO, SSR Personnel
Peter J French CPP Chief Executive of SSR® Personnel, the leading recruitment consultancy in the field of security risk, permanent or interim hire, with a significant workforce presence in Europe and the Middle East. SSR® has been recognised globally as a best-in-class security recruitment consultancy. He is active in global initiatives to support veterans return to work. As part of PNG ,a 1BN UK based recruitment Group, SSR® has offices in the UAE and North America, delivers employment statistics and assistance in attracting emerging talent. The annual SSR® ASIS compensation review identifies emerging trends in the broad sectors that the role of the security professional will be responsible for in technology evaluation , physical & digital security. He is a Principle Founding Member of the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals. He is one of the co-founders of the Security Benevolent Fund that supports many in the security profession that require financial support in times of need. With a dedicated team of Volunteers, he organises an annual charity event that in 20 years has raised over €700,000 for good causes. Peter was honoured as the 6th recipient of the Root & Branch award by the City of London for his ongoing work with the Livery and Charities in many countries. Peter has been recognised for his volunteer work with ASIS International.

Session: Aspiring Leaders Workshop
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Erik de Vries, CPP, PSP

Director, DutchRisk
Erik de Vries, CPP, PSP is owner/director of DutchRisk and Chair of the newly formed European Regional Board of Directors. He is also a member of the ASIS International Crisis Management & Business Continuity Community.

He advises, trains and coaches many board level crisis teams - varying from multinationals to SME’s - to be prepared for crises through challenging scenario-based exercises. Exercises offer insights in challenging contemporary scenarios and are conducted either on-site or remote via online platforms. Erik has more than twenty-two years of experience in the crisis & security profession, including fifteen years of experience conducting CPP, PSP, PCI or APP certification courses. He coaches security managers and security management teams as a strictly independent consultant.

Session facilitator: Crisis Response in Reputational Crises - Workshop
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Eva Mueller

Global HR Business Partner, Hilti Corporation
Eva Mueller works at the Hilti Corporation as Global HR Business Partner, since 2019. Prior to that, she held the position of Senior Human Resource Business Partner at Amazon.

She has more than 10 years experience in the Human Resource field, and has worked as HR Business Partner in different Industries, such as Financial & Editorial Services as well as in Industrial Production.

Session facilitator: From the boxing ring to the tango floor – stop fighting and start partnering with HR
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Glenn Schoen

Glenn Schoen (1963) is a security and crisis management advisor and CEO of [email protected] BV. An American with Dutch roots, he has over 30 years’ international experience including work for G4S Risk Advisory, Ernst & Young, TranSecur and International Security Management. He has served over 300 consulting and 250 analysis service clients, most of them in the Fortune 1000.

Glenn is a member of ASIS’ newly formed European Regional Board of Directors.

Activities outside of ASIS, OSAC and UNICRI include volunteer work at the White House and lecturing at Georgetown University’s Continuing Studies Program (1996-2007). Mr. Schoen regularly shares his insights with the media (over 1000 interviews) and professional forums, including more than 25 years of appearances on CNN. He lives in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Session facilitator: Crisis Response in Reputational Crises - Workshop
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Ben Suurd, CPP

Regional Head of Security EU/AME Region, Reckitt Benckiser, NL
Ben has more than 20-years’ experience in security and security risk management. Previously, he served as a Cyber Security Advisor at several Departments within the Dutch Government and has owned his own Risk Management Consultancy firm for 10 years.

Ben has served on the board of the ASIS Benelux Chapter, the Young Professionals Community and is currently Board Member at the ASIS Foundation and the Chair of the Scholarship Committee.

Session: Aspiring Leaders Workshop
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Axel Petri

Deputy Chief Security Officer, Deutsche Telekom
Axel Petri (German qualified lawyer) is Deputy CSO at Deutsche Telekom Group whose operations cover fixed and mobile network infrastructure and cloud solutions for consumers, businesses and the public sector in more than 50 countries as well as security services. Deutsche Telekom is following a holistic and convergent groupwide security approach comprising all security domains.

Axel has been holding various executive functions throughout his career, most of them in security. He is At Large Director of the Global Board of Directors at ASIS International and (co-)presiding over a couple of other high-ranking security committees in industry associations.

Axel is co-author of the „Rechts-Handbuch zum E-Commerce“ (Legal Compendium on E-Commerce) and author of further publications regarding Internet-/Media Law as well as Security. He has been visiting lecturer on Security Management at the University of Applied Sciences 'Rheinische' Cologne and President of the Advisory Council at ASIS’s CSO Center for Leadership & Development.

Session facilitator: ESRM in Action
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Eduard Emde, CPP

ASIS Europe 2022 Conference Chair and Head of Health, Safety & Security Section, ESA European Space Agency
Eduard J. Emde, CPP, is with the European Space Agency at the European Space Research and Technology Centre in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. In the year 2012 he was the first non U.S. President of ASIS International.

Eduard Emde has more than 25-years’ experience in security and security risk management. Previously, he served as Corporate Security Capability and Development Manager for Shell. Mr. Emde was Manager Consultancy Services with Interseco (now Pinkerton) in The Hague. He’s also served as a security consultant with KPMG's Forensic & Integrity Services and as vice president, group security with ABN AMRO Bank.

Eduard Emde has served on the boards of various associations in the field of risk management and security, including the Dutch Society for Risk Management and OSAC Netherlands. A member of ASIS International since 1990, he has served on the Board of Directors 2006-2013, as Regional Vice President in Europe and as board member and Chair of the Benelux Chapter. Eduard Emde has also served as a trainer for CPP review courses. In 2020 he was presented with ASIS International's Presidential Award of Merit.

He received a master’s degree in Organisational Analysis & Behaviour from Lancaster University in the UK and degrees in Business Administration and Dutch Law from Erasmus University Rotterdam. He holds CPP and CISSP certifications.

Session facilitator: Travel Risks - Changes in the Landscape

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