Making ASIS Europe a more sustainable event

With sustainability high on the agenda of many organisations in Europe, event organisers, exhibitors and attendees alike need to do their part. Have a look at what we are already doing to make the event more sustainable and explore how you can contribute.

What does ASIS do to make the ASIS Europe 2024 event more sustainable?

ASIS has selected an event venue which is committed to sustainability (Sustainability at Messe Wien). Many hotels are available within walking distance to ensure walking to the venue is possible. ASIS has selected event menus that include as much as possible locally grown and seasonal ingredients and with dishes that contain less red meat. The menu also contains more vegetarian and vegan options. ASIS has given preference to local suppliers to reduce emissions from transport and to support the local economy. ASIS tries to use resources in a responsible way, for example by not using single-use plastics for catering, not providing a conference bag and by supplying badges that can be recycled. In addition, there for a couple of years now, there is no printed programme booklet as all information about the event is available in the event app. We try to reduce the use of materials that are difficult to recycle. Finally, we’re offsetting the travel emissions of the entire event staff team with a donation to the myclimate Foundation’s carbon offset projects

Learn more about ASIS Europe’s initiatives to minimize its ecological footprint

What can exhibitors do?

ASIS provides recommendations for a Responsible Exhibit to our exhibitors and has launched a Responsible Exhibit Label. Exhibitors can attain this label by pledging to:

  • Utilise sustainable booth graphics solutions.
  • Refrain from using any single-use plastics during the show.


Additional recommendations for exhibitors include:

  • Minimizing or eliminating the use of paper.
  • Reassessing the giveaway approach.
  • Employing LED lights and energy-efficient equipment.
  • Implementing waste separation at the booth.
  • Opting for public transport or walking.
  • Offsetting carbon emissions related to flight and hotel stay.


Discover more about the ASIS Europe Responsible Exhibit label and explore additional ways exhibitors can contribute to reducing their ecological impact

Check out our list of exhibitors to see which exhibitors have attained the label


What can attendees do?

Attendees can do the following to minimize their environmental impact:

  • Travel to Vienna by train instead of flying if possible.
  • If you decide to fly, offset your carbon emissions with our 2024 offset partner, the myclimate Foundation. For your convenience, you can do this when registering. Alternatively, you can also donate directly via the myclimate website.
  • Book a hotel within walking distance of the venue.
  • Walk or use public transport as much as possible or use a city bike or e-bike.
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