Introducing ASIS Europe’s new Co-Chairs – Let’s meet Inge & Gavin


ASIS International recently announced that Inge Huijbrechts, Global Senior Vice President Sustainability, Security and Corporate Communications, Radisson Hotel Group and Gavin Henderson, Regional Chief Security Officer, Mastercard will co-chair the conference programme for ASIS Europe 2023.

We had the chance to ask them a few key questions:


  1. Can you tell us about your involvement with ASIS in the lead up to this new role?


Inge: “I’ve been a member of the CSO Center for a number of years, since I took on the global Safety & Security role at Radisson Hotel Group. In my global role, being part of this trusted network is incredibly valuable. And, I’ve really enjoyed the ASIS Europe and Global events in recent years where I had a chance to share and learn with an amazing group of people.”

Gavin: “The ASIS community has been instrumental in shaping my career when I transitioned from the military in Ireland over a decade ago. I’ve had the chance to participate in many ASIS Europe events as both a speaker and an attendee, it has been a large part of my story in the private sector. I am delighted and honoured that my ASIS journey will continue in this capacity.”


  1. You’re both in security leadership roles in global companies – can you tell us a few of your current priorities or challenges?


Gavin: “In my role at Mastercard, I’m responsible for leading our team of Regional Security Officers. As I reflect on my priorities, a few key items come to mind. First, a globally challenging item, employee education. We’re always working to make sure that our employees are practiced and prepared to live out strong security behaviour. Second, is making sure that our global items are moving in sync with our regional teams. As an organization with a truly global footprint it is critical that our regional teams are able to work hand-in-hand with our global teams; helping us to have a truly follow-the-sun security model.”

Inge: “At Radisson Hotel Group, we have a very ambitious growth plan which aims to double our global portfolio in the next 5 years. My number one priority is to underpin this growth with solid processes, tools and trainings to enable all our hotel teams in over 100 countries to take ownership of Safety & Security and to Always Care for guests and team members.

In addition, our VUCA world creates additional and much more frequent challenges of a severe scale so we need to be ready to respond.”


  1. What are some of areas you expect to see in the programme next March?


Inge: “I think there is always work to be done in making security an integral value within the business and helping security leaders convey that value. We are all living in times of great uncertainty and it’s vital that security and risk practitioners can provide the right information in the right way to those making key business or investment decisions.  We should help security leaders elevate their position inside the business and understand the nexus between security and climate change induced risks.”

Gavin: I’m looking forward to the balance of individual and panel expert discussions and peer exchange opportunities. ASIS always sets high standards for security professionals in terms of bringing us content that will help to drive meaningful change at our organizations – so expect the programming to do just that.


  1. What makes this event special?


Gavin: “There’s a diverse group of professionals there that I don’t think you find at another security event in Europe – senior leaders with vast experience who have regional or global responsibilities for massive organisations, interacting with new generations with great ideas and energy. Plus, there’s an excellent dialogue with the companies who provide all kinds of technology, solutions and services that help address the very complex risk environments we deal with”

Inge: “Certainly the people and networking are exceptional, like Gavin says. I’d add it’s also the way this event looks at the role of the security professional differently than others – it’s always pushing forward and challenging with new ideas and topics based on what businesses are dealing with. In recent years I had a chance to address how Sustainability will impact the role of Security, that’s not something I’ve seen anywhere else and it’s just one example.”


ASIS Europe 2023 – From Risk to Resilience will take place in Rotterdam, NL on 21-23 March.

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