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Help us make ASIS Europe 2023 more sustainable

With sustainability high on the agenda of many organisations in Europe, event organisers and attendees need to do their part.

What does ASIS do to make the ASIS Europe Event 2023 more sustainable?

  • The event location allows for a large proportion of attendees to travel by train and car instead of flying.
  • There are many hotels available at walking distance to ensure walking to the venue is possible.
  • We have created our menus to include as much as possible locally grown and seasonal ingredients. We also offer more vegetarian and vegan options and less red meat.
  • Where possible, we work with local suppliers. This helps to cut emissions from transport and supports the local economy.
  • We try to use resources in a responsible way, for example:
    • we don’t use single-use plastics for catering,
    • We no longer offer a conference bag
    • We use badges that can be recycled.
    • We try to reduce the use of materials that are difficult to recycle.

Read more about what we do.

Did you know that sustainability is about much more than protecting our environment? ASIS Europe events support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Read more about ASIS Europe and sustainability here.

What can you do?

Want to help us make ASIS Europe 2023 more sustainable and offset your carbon emissions from travel ? We invite you to support the Rotterdam non-profit initiative Cool Down City with a donation. For just 25€ you give a Rotterdam Citizen a rare old fruit tree species. For even the small amount of 5€ you give away a baby nut tree. Donate a tree here!

If you need a tool to calculate your emissions and how much is needed to compensate, Saving Nature Flight Carbon Calculator, climatecare and myclimate may be useful.

The Cool Down City Initiative

To make the City of Rotterdam more resilient in the context of climate change, Cool Down City encourages Rotterdammers to cool down their city themselves. By giving away free trees, collecting them, inspiring them, informing them about their own possibilities and connecting Rotterdam parties for more impact. With the ambition to triple the number of trees in Rotterdam.

The Cool Down City initiative achieves this ambition by realizing a public Rotterdam Tree Depot, organizing Free Trees Giveaway Events, attending events with the Babytrees Courier (Babybomen Koerier), organizing activities together with companies and governments and thereby increasing tree awareness.


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