Most risk and resilience professionals don’t have complete faith that their teams will step up in a crisis. It’s easy to understand why if they’re “exercising” using a (boring?) presentation.

Reality doesn’t come with a PowerPoint and neither should your exercises.

Create immersive exercises and build permanent resilience. With Conducttr, you build and deliver realistic, emotionally engaging team exercises.
If it’s your first scenario and you get it even kind of right, you’ll still create breathtaking exercises and emotions will come into play.

And yes, we know you are busy. Too much.
That’s why creating training was never easier. Even if you have a tight schedule, you can get freed up with an intuitive editor, content library and ready-made scenarios.

Then run exercises for remote or in-person training. Track your clients or business units through your own secure exercise hub. This way, your training becomes even more efficient: you can deploy exercises of any length, from hours to weeks, and for teams of any experience.

Experience it yourself in our next live simulation –

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