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Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Crisis Exercising


When OpenAI released its December 2022 version of chatGPT, the risk landscape changed overnight and so too did crisis exercising.

January 2023 saw the publication of Stanford’s report “Generative Language Models and Automated Influence Operations: Emerging Threats and Potential Mitigations”. The three primary take-aways for risk professionals are how generative language models can mimic actors, behaviours, and content:

  • Actors: Language models make it easy for anyone to pretend more realistically to be somebody else.
  • Behaviours: Generating personalized content is cheaper and chatbots more realistic
  • Content: Messages are more impactful and persuasive compared to traditional propagandists, especially those who lack the necessary linguistic or cultural knowledge of their target audience.

This means a wider range of disgruntled customers and activists can run large-scale reputation-damaging campaigns. It also opens the door to any slightly tech-savvy person to create a propagandist-for-hire service that automates the production of astro-turfing campaigns.

Fear Not!

Of course the same AI tools can be used for good and our area of interest is in scenario design for realistic crisis exercises. Conducttr recently released its Active Exercise System (AXS) which makes it possible for anyone to create an exercise from a news article in minutes.

Need to exercise for an earthquake? Feed a link to a news report about, say, the earthquake in Turkey into Conducttr AXS and it’ll change the country to your desired location, write the exercise outline, detail how it escalates, identify the stakeholders, training objectives, case data – saving you literally hours of time. Even the content from affected stakeholders can be generated in seconds using AI, creating credible, realistic exercises in a fraction of the time it takes to create a boring PowerPoint deck for the same exercise.

Don’t think you’ve seen simulations before until you’ve seen Conducttr – you’ll be blown away. Come join our next live simulation by registering here.

About Conducttr

Conducttr is the world’s a favourite crisis exercising suite meeting all your exercising needs, from team-based facilitated exercises to solo-player micro-simulations.

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