Founded in 1955, ASIS International is the world’s largest membership organization for security management professionals. With hundreds of chapters across the globe (25 in Europe), ASIS is recognized as the premier source for learning, networking, standards, and research.

Through its board certifications, award-winning Security Management magazine, Global Security Exchange (GSX) — the most influential event in the profession—and ASIS Europe—the region’s leading event for established and aspiring security leaders — ASIS ensures its members and the security community have access to the intelligence and resources necessary to protect their people, property, and information assets. Learn more about the work we do at www.asisonline.org.


In 2022 ASIS International will seat its first ever regional boards. This is a major step in the association’s transition to a global governance structure that allows ASIS to better serve its members at the local, regional, and global levels.


Find out more about ASIS global leadership here.

European Regional Board of Directors


Chair: Erik de Vries, CPP, PSP, The Netherlands

Vice Chair: Stephanie M. Bergouignan, CPP, France

Secretary/Treasurer: Torsten Wolf, CPP, Switzerland

Christina Alexander Alexandropoulou, Greece

Samuele Caruso, CPP, Italy

Radek Havlis, CPP, Czech Republic

Glenn Cornelis Schoen, The Netherlands

Andrew Williams, CPP, United Kingdom

Listed below are the ASIS regions within Europe, Regional Vice Presidents (RVPs) and Assistant Regional Vice Presidents (ARVPs), plus all ASIS European chapters and their websites.


More about ASIS in Europe here.

Northwest Europe


Eric Davoine, CPP, RVP (France)

Benelux Chapter
UK Chapter
Ireland Chapter
France Chapter

Nordics & Baltics


Ann-Sofie Ljungfelt, CPP, RVP (Sweden)

Denmark Chapter
Finland Chapter
Norway Chapter
Sweden Chapter

Southwest Europe & Western Balkans


Juan Munoz CPP, RVP (Spain)

Croatia Chapter
Italy Chapter
Portugal Chapter
Serbia Chapter
Spain Chapter

Southeast Europe


Cengiz Gumustus, CPP, RVP (Turkey)

Kyriakos Papadopoulos, ARVP (Greece)

Turkey Chapter
Aegean Chapter
Tel Aviv, Israel Chapter
Romania Chapter

West Central Europe


Viktor Panchak CPP (Ukraine)
Stefan W Berlin, ARVP (Austria/Germany)
Daniel Suchy, CPP, ARVP (Slovakia)
Risto Haataja, ARVP (Ukraine)


Austria Chapter
Switzerland Chapter
Germany Chapter
Czech Republic Chapter
Poland Chapter
Hungary Chapter
Ukraine Chapter

East Central and Eastern Europe


Dmitry Budanov, RVP (Russia)

Roman Shevchenko, ARVP (Russia)

Moscow, Russia Chapter

For a full list of all ASIS chapters globally, visit www.asisonline.org/chapters.